Maine Church: “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”


Really? “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”? Certain Christians still talk about the creation of Adam and Eve as if their God did not create everybody.

Adam and Eve: Palermo's Second Baptist Church
Palermo’s Second Baptist Church. Image Credit: Stan York (Facebook image)

The rhetoric “Adam and Eve” should seriously be put out to pasture. Evidence suggests, not that religious people have ever held any stock in evidence, Palermo’s Second Baptist Church believes the archaic phrasing “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” is just as applicable now as it was in the 1950s. It was during the previous decade, in 1946, Christians added the word ‘homosexual’ to their religious text. Consequently, the translations Christians have been using since the mid-1940s are bespoke tailored to fit modern prejudices.

The Passion of Local Residents…

“God created Adam and Eve, and Steve and Jimmy and Kimmy and Lola and Linda,” Leslie Dyer said to a local television news reporter. “God created everybody, not just Adam and Eve to be just Adam and Eve. We’re all here to be happy. We all want to live our best lives. Our happiest lives. And if you find that one person that makes you happy, why shouldn’t you be able to be with them?”

Adam and Eve: Christ Temple Apostolic Church, South Bend, Indiana
Screen Capture: An ABC News Report. South Bend’s Christ Temple Apostolic Church in 2013…

The people at the Palermo church are not the only ones that have taken to using such archaic rhetoric. A church in South Bend, in 2013, is known to have displayed the same rhetoric. Because of pressure from local residence and media attention, the message “God Loves U” was written. The pastor was not available for comment. While this is in itself old news, the rhetoric pastors at this church pushes is significantly older.

Other churches around the country, regardless of the time of year, take to displaying the same signage simply because it speaks to the right-wing leaning brethren. It does not look like the rhetoric will be going away anything soon…

A Little History Lesson…

Words, regardless of the original language, typically do not get translated into the English language unless there is an equivalent English word. When early translations of ‘The Bible’ were written in English, there was no such word as ‘homosexual.’

The word ‘homosexual’ not having been part of the English language until the late nineteenth century. Consequently, suggesting the word has always been part of biblical vernacular is deliberately misleading. Regardless, there are those people that will insist on clinging to their rhetoric like vines on a poorly maintained trellis. Instead of a trellis, the Second Baptist Church uses its marquee board to display the antiquated rhetoric.

The Purpose of Religious Freedom…

Whenever homophobia has a link to religious rhetoric, people invariably speak of religious freedom and their rights to practice their respective beliefs. They speak of the United States Constitution as a political document God given. The Constitution, written and signed in Philadelphia in the Assembly Room of the Pennsylvania State House during the Philadelphia Convention,

The First Amendment, part of the Bill of Rights, prohibits Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices. While this segment of the amendment specifically addresses the religious freedom clause, there are other freedoms which are not covered here: freedoms of expression, assembly and the right to petition.

How is the religious freedom clause difficult to understand? The part of the amendment that prohibits Congress from promoting one religion over others seems especially perplexing to certain right-wing Christians. For some reason they seem to think religious freedom only applies to them and people that share their beliefs. As for anyone that holds a differing belief system, the religious freedom clause does not apply.

The religious freedom clause to the First Amendment is there so that people can practice their respective religious beliefs without fear of persecution. It is not there so that people can persecute others for not being just like them.

Final Thoughts…

If you believe in a high power in the same way as the previously quoted Palermo resident, there is no getting around “God created everybody, not just Adam and Eve …”

Immediately below the “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” message is an anti-abortion banner which reads “Every Life Matters. Abortion is Still Murder.”

Evidently, if one was to assess the messages of both messages together, every life matters only if those lives are heterosexual. If all lives matter, that applies to everyone equally, not just heterosexuals.