My Life is Murder: S01.E01. “The Boyfriend Experience”


What did you think of the Melbourne set mystery crime dramedy “My Life is Murder”? The series stars Lucy Lawless, Bernard Curry, Ebony Vagulans, Alex Andreas, and Todd River as Alexa Crowe, Detective Inspector Kieran Hussey, Madison Feliciano George Stathopoulos, and Captain Thunderbolt, respectively. Apartment from the cast, the city is every bit as much a star of the production as the people. Melbourne is a vibrant place with real character.

Lucy Lawless, known for playing the title role in Xena: Warrior Princess, has worked on numerous films and television productions spanning virtually every genre imaginable. Consequently, it’s not a stretch for New Zealand born actress to play a retired detective. Similarly, with Bernard Curry having played Prison Officer Jake Stewart since at least halfway through Wentworth’s fourth season, seeing the Australian actor take on the role of a detective inspector is well within his wheelhouse.

‘The Boyfriend Experience’ was directed by Leah Purcell. While Curry plays a prison officer on Wentworth, Purcell former police officer current prisoner Rita Connors.

Episode Synopsis: “The Boyfriend Experience

Former detective Alexa Crowe (Lucy Lawless) is lured into the world of murder and mystery when her friend and colleague, Detective Inspector Kieran Hussey (Bernard Curry), asks her to investigate the death of a woman who fell from the balcony of a male escort.

My Life Is Murder
Screen Capture: Facing the train, playing Alexa Crowe, is Lucy Lawless.

What Did You Think?

Are there too many distractions? While the focus of Alexa’s investigation is Dylan Giroux / David Gazzara (Lindsay Farris), the former detective seems more interested in solving the crim of the malfunctioning German industrial bread processor. As for the data analysist Kieran assigns to Alexa, Madison Feliciano, she has a weird obsession with the Schmilford vacuum cleaner. It’s apparently “Rolls Royce of portable vacuum cleaners.”

Distractions aside, even though there is an argument which suggests they add a touch of realism to the production, the series does have potential. Set in one of Australia’s go-to-tourist destinations, Melbourne, the series is spoiled for choice locations with excellent views from almost every direction. The city upstages the cast in almost every scene. Consequently, Melbourne is the real star of My Life is Murder.

While Alexa is not initially enthusiastic to work with Madison, primarily because the former detective sees the data analyst as a “kid,” she works with her. Competing with Madison’s obsession to own the “Rolls Royce of portable vacuum cleaners,” Alexa does get the data analyst to do the work she needs so that she can close the case.

Madison drains the battery on her car because she would rather clean her vehicle herself than take it to any number of locations around the city which specialise in cleaning cars. Consequently, the data analyst runs to a charity event which Alexa wants her to attend. On arrival at the event, the people checking guests in don’t believe she is an invited guest. There could be a racial component to this scene. The attendees do not want Madison in the building.

The Case is Resolved…

Meanwhile, as Madison is having difficulty getting into the charity event, Alexa is confronted by Dylan / David. She broke into his 19th-floor apartment. Dylan doesn’t by the reason she tells him she’s there.

Alexa lays out the facts of the case to Dylan like either Ms Jane Marble or Hercule Poirot would do at the end of a classic Agatha Christie written story. Thinking that none of the cameras in the building work, Dylan chases Alexa to the parking facility for the apartment building. On arriving, moments after seeing the cheap cameras have been replaced with top-of-the-range models, police cars arrive on the scene and Alexa walks away as if there was nothing to see.

At Alexa’s Residence…

As Madison attempts to clear the cat hair from the carpet with her new vacuum cleaner, even though it’s not actually her house, the DI arrives to discuss with Alexa the invoice for her work. He seems to think $4,000 is a tad much. The episode closes with Kieran attempting to assist Alexa with her German industrial bread processor.

Final Thoughts…

Why does this series make me think of Columbo? Columbo was an American television movie series which ran from 1971 to 2003. The title character was a detective that spent much of each episode following his prime suspect around from place to place. Once you have seen one episode of Columbo, you’ve pretty much seen them all because there is no mystery in who the bad guy is in any of the productions. The mystery does not as much pertain to discovering who did the crime as much as it revolves around how the detective solves it. I get the same vibe from this episode.

While we try to not obsess over the little things, there are many little things which seem to get in the way of the narrative, but it is these little things which adds a certain amount of realism to each story. While it is not necessarily the “Rolls Royce of portable vacuum cleaners” that our friends seek, we all know someone that obsesses over one thing or another because they want the best product available.

Please comment, like and share. Tell us what you thought of the episode. Does the series deserve a second series? If so, why? If not, why?

My Life is Murder: S01.E01. “The Boyfriend Experience”
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