The third episode of Starz’s The Rook landed Sunday, 14 July 2019. Based on the Daniel O’Malley written novel of the same time, the eight-part miniseries revolves around Myfanwy Thomas (Emma Greenwell) and her work at a British secret service called the Checquy.

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SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to see the latest episode of ‘The Rook,’ stop reading now. There are spoilers ahead.

The third episode in the miniseries picks up the story immediately with a figure walking through London in the dead of night. We do not see the individual’s face; therefore, cannot positively identify the person. From the way the person is seemingly avoiding CCTV cameras, their intentions are probably not honourable. The scene transitions to one of Myfanwy awakening in a cold sweat from what could be night terrors. A she looks through draws and cupboards, she seems every bit as neurotic as she did in the previous instalments. Because she is still suffering from dissociative amnesia, googles herself in a hope to dig up information which she might find useful.

In the previous episode, Dr Dev Rao (Amerjit Deu) explained the condition to both Myfanwy and Lady Lynda Farrier (Joely Richardson). Farrier is Myfanwy’s superior at the Checquy. While her internet search of herself yielded nothing of any real value, Myfanwy finds a video clip posted to a website referencing the Checquy.

Is it a Conspiracy Theory or Something more Dangerous?

The video clip refers to EVAs (Extreme Variant Abilities). According to the individual narrating the video, EVAs do not always manifest as children. Some people do not display their power until much later in life. In the video, there is a reference to a hive mind. There are no doubts that the four blond children seen in the image is the Gestalt as children: Robert Gestalt (Ronan Raftery), Eliza Gestalt (Catherine Steadman), Alex Gestalt and Teddy Gestalt (Jon Fletcher). The Gestalt, like Myfanwy, work for the Checquy.

The scenes where the Gestalt wakes up, gets out of bed, clothes itself and then eats breakfast is eerie. Each member of the hive does the same thing as the others at the exact same time in the exact same way.


When Eliza begins viewing the news on her tablet, the scene transitions to one of the American EVA Monica Reed (Olivia Munn) watching the same news program in her hotel suite. In the news broadcast, it is suggested the eight people found dead at the Millennium Bridge could be tied to a yet unidentified religious cult. Ignoring the news, the American EVA can be seen looking at a Babylon Auction.

The Home Secretary Knows…

The Home Secretary Jennifer Birch (Gina McKee) lets Farrier know that she is aware who the rogue EVA is. The only way Birch could know it’s Myfanwy is someone within the Checquy. Because Conrad Grantchester (Adrian Lester) is sleeping with the Home Secretary every chance he gets, the likelihood of the leak not being him is slim.


Birch does not like being kept out of the loop. Myfanwy is a senior court member. Consequently, the Home Secretary should have been told about Myfanwy the moment Farrier knew anything substantiated.

Later, Kyle Miller (Simon Bubb) from the vetting department pays Conrad an unexpected visit. When Conrad ask Miller what he wants to talk to him about, it’s the meeting about his undisclosed romantic liaison. Apparently, the Checquy has a rule that stipulates any relationship must be formally disclosed. Even though he does not completely agree with it, specifically because it is a gross invasion of privacy, Conrad is areas of this policy. When Conrad asks about the individual that made the report, the scene transitions to one of Farrier staring out of her office window.

Who is watching Myfanwy?

When walking to her car, Myfanwy finds herself being watched. Farrier advises her to exit the parking structure to the street and walk west. Farrier was specific to tell Myfanwy to walk and not run because she does not want her to draw attention to herself. Even though Myfanwy has done as her boss directed, the individuals the Rook saw in the parking structure are now following her. They can be seen in shot waling parallel to Myfanwy but approximately ten steps behind.


The Rook thinks it’s the men that want to kill her. Consequently, Farrier directs the Rook to head to the nearest underground station on the Victoria line, north. As Myfanwy arrives at the bottom of the escalator at the underground station, she is met by one of the four Gestalt. It’s one of the twins. He intercepts one of the men that is following Myfanwy and takes him out. Myfanwy gets onto the Victoria line heading north, but as the train doors close, the second of the two men following the Rook boards the train.

Trouble on the Underground…

As Myfanwy tries to escape, two of the four Gestalt make their presence known to the Rook. It is Robert and Eliza. In the confusion, Eliza flashes her government-issued badge at the people in the train and directs them to remain calm. Thinking it is Myfanwy that is disembarking the train, the individual following the Rook draws a gun and shoots her in the back.  As he pulls her hoodie from her face, he discovers the person he shot is not Myfanwy. It was Eliza. Myfanwy swapped her hoodie for Eliza’s checker patterned coat before getting off the train. She is accompanied by the fourth member of the Gestalt. He was waiting at the train station when the train arrived.

Later, we find Eliza alive and well in the Checquy’s infirmary. It is here that we discover Myfanwy’s love interest is not one of the twins. It is Eliza. Because of their interconnectedness, being a hive mind, when one of the Gestalt knows something, they all know it. Even though Myfanwy is kissing Eliza, she might as well be kissing all four of the Gestalt simultaneously. As a consequence of how passionate the kiss is, it causes one of the twins to sideswipe two parked vehicles as he drives through London. The damage to his own car is minimal.

Monica’s Request…

The Rook

The American EVA goes to Ingrid Woodhouse (Ruth Madeley) with a request for an alias. While Monica should probably contact her assistant back in these United States, she asks Ingrid for documentation, a car and full background cover to assist her with successfully completing an op. She also needs £50,000. The only reason she does to seek help from her own assistant is that that person is probably asleep. Regardless of the work that you happen to be employed in, time zones can be problematic for everyone. Even though Ingrid works for Myfanwy as her assistant, she complies with the request.

Later, Monica arrives at Forsythe’s Auction House. What is the American doing at an auction house? When Monica asked for £50,000 from Ingrid earlier in the day, she should have asked for more. If that is all the money she has, she has none to make bids because it took all £50,000 to just get her arse parked on a seat in the auction room. For a brief second, it did not look like the transfer was going to happen. Because Ingrid has no love for the American EVA, stiffing her out of £50,000 would not have been beneath Myfanwy’s assistant.


The items the people are bidding on are representative of EVAs. The description of each item at the auction mirror the abilities of individual EVAs. Is this why Monica is at the auction? The third lot is titled ‘Fugue.” When the auctioneer describes the painting as “an exploration of personal amnesia,” there is no doubt this is a reference to Myfanwy. How long will it take for the American EVA to figure out the piece she apparently sold at the auction is Myfanwy?

What is the Lugat’s Interest in Myfanwy?

Conrad uses his powers to bring the Lugat vulture back to life not that he was dead. The Lugat is the Russian equivalent of the Checquy. He has powers that can make himself appear dead. One of the individuals that were following Myfanwy is Peter Mees Van Syoc (Barry Atsma). The identity of the other Lugat vulture is unknown. Because Farrier feels she has what she needs from the Lugat vulture, she cuts Conrad’s integration short.

Later, Myfanwy visits Peter in his cell. The Lugat vulture reveals he knows Myfanwy has no memory of anything. Peter wanted to sell Myfanwy at auction. This confirms that the item sold at the Forsythe’s Auction House for £45 million is Myfanwy.

Documents Redacted…

When Myfanwy reviews her medical documents, she finds much of the information has been redacted. What is in these documents? What is that place Myfanwy discovers at the end of the episode? How does it connect with her?