NCIS: New Orleans: S05.E22. “Chaos Theory”

Screen Capture: A still from the recently televised NCIS: New Orleans Edward Ornelas directed “Chaos Theory.”

NCIS: New Orleans, the second spin-off series to the popular drama NCIS, first hit television screens in these United States Tuesday, 23 Sept. 2014. Unlike many television productions, the filming locations for NCIS: New Orleans reflects the series title. Most shows law enforcement dramas are set in either Washington DC, New York, Chicago and or Los Angeles. Even though there are a few exceptions, The Big Easy makes for a welcome change of pace.

“NCIS: New Orleans” promotional poster. Image Credit: IMDb.

Brief Episode Synopsis: “Chaos Theory”

After a deadly bombing at a military museum event at which there were over 1,000 people in attendance, the NCIS New Orleans team investigates. During their investigation, the team find the attack was a hit with a specific target.

SPOILERS ALERT: If you have yet to watch this episode, please feel free to stop reading at this point in the article. Continue reading after you watch the episode.

One of the things the audience is looking for in an NCIS episode, regardless of which series it is, is how the episode narrative directly impacts the principle characters. The NCIS franchise is character driven. From day one, episode narratives impact the principle characters. NCIS Forensics Agent Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich) and the way he reacts to events is the focus of the Edward Ornelas directed “Chaos Theory.”

Sebastian is professionally driven. He has a desire to see justice done. In this case, Sebastian has a personal stake in the episode’s narrative because a close friend is killed during the second bombing. The forensics agent puts himself out there because he cares.

While Neila Diseris (Charlotte Schweiger) is initially not willing to have a fragment of the first bomb surgically extracted from her body, Sebastian convinces her it’s the right thing.

Episode Scene: Working the Scene

Final Thoughts

How could anyone not recognise a reference to Stephen King’s novel “Carrie”? OK. On second thoughts, it might be more of a reference to the big screen adaptations of King’s novel. My thinking process always goes to the source material to those productions rather than the films.

I am not sure what I feel about Lana Breaux’s (Cecilia Leal) death. There was a moment where I thought Sebastian might see an opportunity for love. I was thinking Sebastian’s brief conversation with Lana could lead to something.

Did you see Sebastian’s reaction to Gregorio’s grilled-cheese sandwich? While Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito) is an excellent NCIS special agent, she is no Eric Greenspan. Greenspan knows how to make a grilled-cheese sandwich. He should. He’s a fabulous chef. Grilled-cheese sandwiches are his jam.

Even though there is a reference to NCIS Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), he does not make an appearance in this episode. I would have thought, considering events depicted in this episode, he would have been seen. But then, Vance is concentrating on an investigation revolving around the SecNav.