Netflix’s Wu Assassins (2019)


‘Wu Assassins,’ Netflix’s latest offering, landed on the popular streaming service Thursday, 8 August 2019. The first season, consisting of ten episodes, is an excellent way to introduce subscribers to the “Wu Assassins’ universe.

The series revolves around Chef Kai Jin (Iko Uwais), a culinary genius living in Chinatown, as he becomes the title character. The ‘Wu Assassin’ is the bearer of the Wu Xing powers. When the chef acquires his powers, the scene transitions to one that is reminiscent of something otherworldly. Kai now has the power of a thousand monks. In the spirit world where he communicates with his guide, Kai is also possessed by warrior spirits that give him the ability to take on an evil gang and defeat it.

With his newfound abilities, the Chinese chef knows how to kick ass and take numbers without breaking too much of a sweat. The series has great potential. Anyone that has seen the first episode would recognise this fact without giving it a second thought.

A Fuller Picture..

For the most part, episode subplots revolve around secondary characters but that doesn’t make the series any less entertaining. If anything, giving these characters a voice shows that everyone depicted in a series has a modicum of importance. While there will be people that suggest the series doesn’t need much padding, these characters give us a fuller more vibrant picture.

Jenny Wah (Li Jun Li), a young businesswoman, owns and operates a modern night club in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown. The businesswoman’s wayward brother, Tommy Wah (Lawrence Kao), is a magnet for gang-related calamities. He can’t help himself. It’s just who he is.

While there is nothing wrong with police procedural television series, it would be better if that element of this series felt like it was set-in present-day America rather than the late 1990s. Christine “C. G.” Gavin (Katheryn Winnick), an undercover cop, doesn’t take crap from anyone. It doesn’t matter if its fellow cops that are giving her shit or its criminals out on the San Francisco streets, regardless of the situation, Gavin can handle herself.

Wu Assassins
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Cast Members…

Iko Uwais, Katheryn Winnick, Byron Mann, Li Jun Li, Lawrence Kao, JuJu Chan, Lewis Tan, Celia Au, Tommy Flanagan, Raresh DiMofte, Julian Paul, Mark Dacascos and Cranston Johnson as Kai Jin, Christine ‘C.G.’ Gavin, Uncle Six, Jenny Wah, Tommy Wah, Zan, Lu Xin Lee, Ying Ying, Alec McCullough, Grisha Babinov, Viktor, Monk and Frank Fletcher, respectively.

Series Directors…

Toa Fraser, Stephen Fung, Michael Nankin, Roel Reiné, Katheryn Winnick and Tony Krantz.

Series Writers…

Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Cameron Litvack, David Simkins, Yalun Tu and John Wirth.