Pearson: S01.E01. “The Alderman”


Be under no illusion about the new USA Network series Pearson being anything like its parent series Suits, it’s not. Do not look for comparisons between the two shows. You will not find any. While Suits is a dramedy, Pearson is not that. Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) is her own person with her own destiny. Pearson Specter Litt, the now Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams, is part of the former lawyer’s past. She no longer keeps Harvey Specter’s (Gabriel Macht) adrenaline rushes in check. The new series follows Pearson as the former managing partner’s new life as a fixer for Mayor Bobby Golec (Morgan Spector) takes shape.

Inspiration for the series came from an idea spawned by the lead actress herself. After Torres watched the 2016 Presidential Election playout, Torres wanted to see what would happen if she placed her character in the middle of a political quagmire. As of Wednesday, 17 July 2019, we get to see Jessica take on her new role.

The structure of Pearson is vastly different from that which we see with the New York set series. In the series premiere, we a teased with a flash-forwards mystery which will make us grit our teeth until the final moments of the season finale. The aesthetic we see in Pearson is dark and murky. It is meant as a metaphor for the corruption associated with the political world.

Now living in Chicago, Pearson is trying to reconnect with her estranged family. Because she works for the city’s mayor, the person that is spearheading a gentrification project in her family’s neighbourhood, that re-connection is not coming as easily as we might have thought. It is difficult reconnecting with family after along time apart. Pearson understands this, but she is trying her best.

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Final Thoughts…

Because we have never seen any of Pearson’s relatives make appearances in an episode of Suits, the relationship she has with her family seems forced. Interestingly, the relationship the title character has with her work colleagues seems more genuine than that we see outside the workplace. Of course, the working relationship Pearson has with City’s Attorney Keri Allen (Bethany Joy Lenz) starts off rocky because this is the attorney that took Pearson’s licence to practice law away from her. Despite initially being enemies, with a little work, it is evident that the two women will find a mutual ground which they will find acceptable.

Because of Pearson’s new role as the mayor’s fixer, Jeff Malone (D.B. Woodside) goes out of town to work on a RICO case. Will we see him again before the end of the first season? We might see him walk into Harvey’s office before Suits ends. Who knows?

What did you think of the first episode? Is this a series you are going to continue watching? Please comment and let us know what you think. Your opinions matter.