We five episodes into Private Eyes’ third season. What are your thoughts as to the direction the series is going? Do you think it should be picked up for a fourth season?

Private Eyes Promotional Poster. Image Credit: IMDb.com
Private Eyes Promotional Poster. Image Credit: IMDb.com

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet seen the latest episode of Private Eyes, stop reading now. There are spoilers ahead.

The pre-credits scene finds Matt Shade (Jason Priestley) and his ex-wife, Becca D’Orsay (Nicole de Boer), waiting at the airport arrivals exit for their daughter, Jules Shade (Jordyn Negri), to return home from Italy.

Because Jules has been away for no fewer than four months, Becca tries to back out of letting her ex-husband have their daughter over at his house for the night.

While Matt is not happy about his ex-wife changing her mind, neither Matt nor Becca figured on their daughter making plans of her own.

Screen Capture: Nicole de Boer and Jason Priestley as Becca D'Orsay and Matt Shade, respectively, in the Eleanore Lindo directed Private Eyes episode “The Grape Deception”Matt and Becca are surprised to find Jules made arrangements with Liam Benson (Jonny Gray) for him to pick her up from the airport on his new moped. Consequently, when Liam and Jules ride off together, Matt and Becca are left standing at the airport arrivals exit. Did they not think she might have plans of her own? She’s a teenager. Teenagers like their independence.

Matt tells Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) all about what happened at the airport when his daughter arrived back from Italy. When Matt finishes telling his partner about his ex-wife and daughter, he suddenly notices his partner has not told him where they were going.

Matt and Angie have a New Case…

Matt and Angie are going to meet up with Cassie Lewis (Emily Rose). When Angie was in college, Cassie was her roommate. Cassie tells the Matt and Angie she has been a wine specialist for Trent Auctions for five years.

Screen Capture: Emily Rose as Cassie Lewis in the Eleanore Lindo directed Private Eyes episode “The Grape Deception”Matt talks about “the Winston 45” as being “the Holy Grail of wins” because “there is only one in the world. It’s priceless.” When Matt asks Cassie how much she thinks she will get for the bottle, even though she anticipates approximately half a million dollars for the bottle, the wine expert reveals “the Holy Grail has been stolen.” Cue opening titles…

The Holy Grail of Wines has been Stolen…

Matt and Angie have three days to locate the Winston 45. Because prospective buyers get a preview of the catalogue, and serious buyers get VIP access to the vineyard, this gives Matt and Angie the perfect cover for this case. Matt and Angie go undercover as wine buyers. Do they have what it takes to pull this undercover job off? Matt wants to bid of the Winston 45.

In the previous episode, while Angie’s knowledge was clearly extensive, Matt showed he knew little to nothing about motorcycles. Matt possesses an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of wines.

When the vineyard owner (Noam Jenkins) references the Winston 45 as being “the greatest vintage ever produced,” Matt comments that the one he is sampling “isn’t bad either, but it’s not ’47 Château Cheval Blanc but then again, what is?” If Angie ever talks about Matt knowing nothing about motorcycles, we can always ask her what she knows of wine.

Screen Capture: Janine Theriault as Simone in the Eleanore Lindo directed Private Eyes episode “The Grape Deception”The vineyard wine authenticator, Simone (Janine Theriault), apparently knows his wine better than the owner does. When speaking with Simone, Matt and Angie sample a bottle of wine from a limited run the vineyard offered its clients two seasons ago. At some point, Angie should seriously consider leaving the talking to Matt on this occasion.

Why do the Bad Guys always Run?

As soon as Juan Carlos Alba (Ivan Wanis Ruiz) sees Matt and Angie walking toward him, he runs. Carlos is in Canada on a work visa. The conditions of the work visa stipulate he can only work at the vineyard, but he had to take a second job to make ends meet. When Carlos explains his circumstances, Matt and Angie realise he’s telling the truth.

The Theft is Leaked…

With the theft being in the news, Cassie lets her boss in on the secret that Matt and Angie are private investigators working on locating the stolen Winston 45. Consequently, because of the value of the bottle and what it means to the vineyard, he has no choice but to allow the investigation to continue.

Trophy Collectors…

Matt correctly tells Angie many people that collect wines don’t do it for the wine as much as for the prestige of owning it. “They collect trophies,” Matt said, “the rarer the better.”

Screen Capture: Cindy Sampson as Angie Everett in the Eleanore Lindo directed Private Eyes episode “The Grape Deception.” In the background, as Matt Shade, is Jason Priestley.Matt notes that, back in the day when he had money, he met with a group of investment brokers that were trying to start their own hedge fund and they all apparently spoke the same way as if they were gangsters from London’s East End. One of the people interested in buying the Winston 45 is a commodities trader named Aaron Brisbane (Darryl Flatman).

Who is the Wolf?

Angie goes undercover as a waitress; while Matt hoovers around looking for Aaron Brisbane. When Matt turns down a high-quality wine, Brisbane’s interest in what the former ice hockey player drinks on a Wednesday becomes apparent.

From their conversation and the business card Aaron discreetly slips to Matt, the private investigator has found an in with an elite group of wine aficionados. Only the best get into the Solera Club and it can be virtually impossible to get an invite without already knowing a member. When Matt tells Cassie of his invite to the Solera Club, she complements his skills as a fellow wine expert. “You must have made quite an impression,” Cassie said to Matt.

Is Aaron the Wolf and does he have the Winston 45? Matt confirms it’s just a hunch, but he thinks it’s a strong possibility.

What is the Mystery Juice?

Screen Capture: Jason Priestley as Matt Shade in the Eleanore Lindo directed Private Eyes episode “The Grape Deception.”If this were Angie tasting the wine, they would be in serious trouble. With Matt’s knowledge of wine being as good as it is, he might have a chance of getting the right answer. Matt got the answer right. Upon Matt getting the name and vintage of the wine correct, Aaron reveals he has in his possession the Winston 45. In a scuffle on the stairway, Matt accidentally drops the Winston 45 and it smashes on the floor.

Screen Capture: Taken from the Eleanore Lindo directed “The Grape Deception.”
When Matt discovers the glue holding the label to the wine bottle has not yellowed with age, it becomes apparent the bottle he accidentally dropped was not the real Winston 45. It was a fake.

Where did the Label Come From?

Screen Capture: Jason Priestley, Cindy Sampson and Ennis Esmer as Matt Shade, Angie Everett and Det. Kurtis Mazhari, respectively, in the Eleanore Lindo directed “The Grape Deception.”

Matt and Angie visited a retirement home to speak with one of the residents that has a close connection with the Winston 45. It turns out the gentleman they were visiting was the Spitfire pilot (Gordon Pinsent) that flew the bottles of win across the Atlantic to the British Isles so that then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill could celebrate the end of the war with a specific bottle of wine.

It’s the Mona Lisa Heist…

The Mona Lisa Heist is the heist that made Angie want to become a private investigator. Simone is the person that stole the authentic Winston 45. Simone stole the authentic bottle so that she could pass off four fake bottles as the real thing. This is exactly what an art thief did with the Mona Lisa. The Spitfire pilot got to finally taste the Winston 45.