The latest episode in the current season of Private Eyes, ‘It Happened One Fight,’ landed om Global Wednesday, 17 July 2019. We are now nine episodes into the current season and there is no indication the series is seeing a renewal. What do you think of the season thus far? Do you think the series, co-created by Tim Kilby and Shelley Eriksen, will see a renewal?

Private Eyes
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SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to see the latest episode of Private Eyes, stop reading now. There are spoilers ahead.

Private Eyes

The Anne Wheeler directed episode ‘It Happened One Fight’ begins with a video chat between Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) and Zoe Chow (Samantha Wan).  Zoe promised her cousin Donnie Chow (Patrick Kwok-Choon) “we” would go see his wing chun demonstration today. When Angie questions what Zoe means by the word “we,” she explains that she means her and Matt Shade (Jason Priestley), because she is still in Peru. Angie and Matt meet Tracy (Celine Tsai) at the tea shop.

Private Eyes

With construction work happening above the private investigator’s offices, there is not much which can be done there, as Matt correctly observes, which means that spending the day away from the office is the best option.

Private Eyes


At the martial arts school, Tracy introduces Angie and Matt to Donnie. Shortly thereafter, in the middle of his demonstration, Donnie collapses onto the floor. It looks like Donnie was struck with an ‘iron palm.’ Iron palm is an advanced martial arts technique. It involves harnessing the body’s kinetic energy into a single blow. Cue opening credits…

Private Eyes

What’s the Beef between Tony and Donnie?

Irving Guzman (Von Flores), the owner of the martial arts school Donnie works at, is at a loss as to who would want to hurt his top instructor.

When Tony Wong (Jeff Yung) came from China to Canada, he started a martial arts school. People flock to Donnie’s school. Donnie and Tony had a demonstration fight where Donnie won. The two martial arts experts were scheduled to have a rematch but because Donnie is now in the hospital, that match is now postponed.

Private Eyes

When Angie shows Lee Chen (Uni Park) an image of Chinese writing Tracy sent to her cell phone, she immediately wanted to know who Angie and Matt were. Matt tried to lie his way out of the situation but failed. He said that he and Angie had been in the store five years previously but that could not be true because the store has only been in its current location for approximately the past 12 months.

“How was Donnie involved with the Godmother of China town?” Angie asks Matt rhetorically because she knew he didn’t know the answer.


When Angie and Matt arrive at the police station, Trainee Detective Danica Powers (Ruth Goodwin) tells the private investigators Detective Kurtis ‘Maz’ Mazhari (Ennis Esmer) is on another training course. Maz was taking a training course the last week too. What gives?

Later, when Matt returned to the police station to pick up Donnie’s cell phone, Danica told him to check out his messages with someone named Michelle Choi (Jung-Yul Kim). After discovering who Michelle is, because of the type of space Donne was looking to buy, Angie and Matt realise the martial arts expert was looking to set up his own school. Did Irving Know about Donnie’s plans?

Who is the person with the brown Sash?

The private investigators soon discover the person with the brown sash is May Chen (Evangeline Liao). She is Lee Chen’s granddaughter. Donnie was giving May Chen private one-on-one lessons in exchange for a favour. Lee Chen would not reveal what that favour is.

Donnie was looking to buy a space to set up his own martial arts school. Because Donnie was giving May Chen private lessons, this explains the list of dates in Chinese characters Tracy found in Donnie’s bag.

Later, back at the tea shore, Angie finds a hemotoxin hidden in a teapot. “Nothing says I love you like an untraceable hemotoxin,” Angie said to Matt.


If Donnie was leaving Irving’s school to start his own, considering how much debt he is in, it would leave the school’s owner in serious trouble. Is Irving the chief suspect? If you want to know the answer, you should probably watch the episode.

Final Thoughts…

Because Matt likes cinnamon in his coffee, Angie made it with cinnamon the morning after she spent the night in his guest room. Being a private investigator, regardless of how small, she notices things. I thought I’d try cinnamon in my coffee. It’s pretty good.

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