Private Eyes’ is inching ever closer towards the third season finale. Is there any news of the Tim KilbyShelley Eriksen co-created crime dramedy being picked up for a fourth season? Glad you asked!

Global TV and Entertainment One quietly announced 22 July 2019 everyone’s favourite Canadian PI crime dramedy “Private Eyes” is filming the fourth season. The series, for anyone unfamiliar with the production, revolves around private investigators Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) and Matt Shade (Jason Priestley).

At the time of the announcement, there were only three episodes remaining in the current season. The tenth instalment of the third season, the Sudz Sutherland’s directed ‘Tex Therapy,’ the landed on Global 24 July 2019.

Episode Synopsis: “Tex Therapy”

Trainee Detective Danica Powers (Ruth Goodwin) calls in private investigators Matt and Angie to assist the police to identify a hospitalized man who has no memory of who he is and how he attained his injuries.

Private Eyes
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SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet seen the latest ‘Private Eyes’ episode, stop reading now. There are spoilers ahead.

Private Eyes

The opening scene finds Matt working out at his local gym when, from across the room, Stephanie (Arisa Cox), a reporter with Flashback a reporter, recognises him. Matt can’t go anywhere in Toronto without someone spotting him from his professional ice hockey days.

Stephanie introduces herself to the former ice hockey player, who is now a private investigator. She tells Matt she’d the now she would like to do a “where are they now” piece on him and consequently gives Matt her card.

Seconds after his conversation with the Flashback reporters ends, a call comes in on Matt’s cell phone from Angie.

Angie who, identifies herself as Angela, behaves oddly as she calls her investigative partner Matt.

What’s going on here? Is she feeling uncomfortable because she finally recognises her feelings for Matt? Does she understand he has similar feelings for her? We’ve tap-danced around the question “will they won’t they” for three seasons. Isn’t it time we saw an evolutionary shift in their relationship?

Cindy Sampson as Angie Everett

Angie informs her partner that Danica called with a case. Angie and Matt are to meet her at the hospital.

At Everett & Shade Investigations, while Angie is conversing with her partner, in walks Zoe Chow (Samantha Wan). Zoe, who just happens to have a knack for online investigations, is the firm’s secretary. Zoe waffles about fruit candies for a moment before noting from Angie’s facial expression there is something off with her. The secretary initially concludes Angie and Matt might have had a fight. Was staying at Matt’s place a bit too much for Angie to handle?

“Did you accidentally see each other naked?” Zoe asks. While Angie insists that “everything is fine,” Zoe is not buying what she is being told.

At the Hospital…

Private Eyes

Danica gives Angie and Matt details pertaining to a man that was found in the park. He had “no ID, no phone and no shoes.” Matt correctly observes “someone had a rough night.” When Danica asks the private investigators if they know the hospitalised man, the trainee detective tells Angie and Matt the man also has a tattoo of Texas on his chest and had their business card and a paperclip bracelet. Cue opening credits…

When Matt asks the trainee detective if she is hiring them, Danica says, “No. You are doing this out of the goodness of your hearts. Pro-bono.” Pro-bono, more commonly associated with legal work, is a Latin term which pertains to services without fee or expectation of fee. This made Angie and Matt giggle.

After Angie explains to Danica they don’t work for free. Danica replies she doesn’t work for free either. In the last two months she’s run license plates and pulled traffic footage for Angie and Matt. This is in addition to taking on Det. Kurtis ‘Maz’ Mazhari’s (Ennis Esmer) entire workload and a whole string of theft investigations of her own that she’s not even close to solving.

“So … pay up,” Danica tells them.

Ruth Goodwin as Trainee Detective Danica Powers

Danica has a point. Angie and Matt cannot can’t expect the police to provide information to them without there being a certain amount of ‘quid pro quo’: Latin for “something for something.”

Because the private investigators are going to need to call the mystery man something, Angie suggests calling him ‘Tex’ (Brett Donahue) the tattoo on his chest.

Into the Woods…

It’s logical Angie and Matt would visit the place Texas was found. There might be clues to the man’s identity that the police might have overlooked.

Private Eyes

As they’re hunting around, Matt finds he’s reading his map upside down. Angie find paperclip bracelets hanging from tree branches nearby. A man spying on their activities. He’s delusional, could be off his meds, but provides Angie and Matt with a modicum of information on Tex. He thinks Tex travelled through a portal from the future. He asks Angie if she’s from the future or the past. She responds she’s from the future.

We learn the paperclip bracelets were made by this man. He believes they’re keys to travel through time.

Cindy Sampson as Angie Everett

After the man gives Matt a ‘key’ (paperclip bracelet), Matt insists on giving him some money for his help. Angie watches with admiration.

Angie wonders what Tex was doing out there in the woods. Then she spots a traffic camera. She asks Matt to call Danica to pull up footage from the camera. Before he can, he receives a call from Stephanie the reporter about the piece she wants to do on him for her show. Because Angie thinks Matt is speaking with Danica, there is confusion. It’s all worked out in the end.

At the Police Station…

Private Eyes

Danica finds footage of Tex running across the road at the location Angie and Matt were at earlier. The footage shows he was hit by a car and that the driver of the vehicle didn’t hang around to see if he was still alive.

After running the license plate through the police computer system, Danica soon discovers who owns the car, but neither owners were driving it that day. It was their daughter.

When questioned by Danica, Angie and Matt, the teenager completely falls apart. She took the car without asking her parents first. She left the scene because she saw Tex had a gun. If Tex had a gun where was it?

Shortly after Angie and Matt discuss whether Tex is a cop or a criminal, a police officer finds the gun in the overgrowth close to where he was hit by the car.

Zoe Investigates…

Samantha Wan as Zoe Chow

Everyone familiar with the series know Angie and Matt do the leg work and Zoe’s in the office digging up leads so the two private investigators can solve their cases.

The Five of Diamonds is the name of a local bar. After cross-referencing Tex’s image with the Five of Diamonds, Zoe gets a hit on one of the bar’s social media accounts.

Later, Angie has Zoe do a reverse lookup on the last number Tex dialled. The last number Tex calls belongs to a Mark Green, corresponding with a file marked ‘Green’. (Wouldn’t it be funny if the actor that plays Mark Green is Anthony Edwards? Between 1994 and 2008, Edwards played Dr. Mark Greene on the popular medical drama ‘ER’).

At the Five of Diamonds…

Private Eyes

The bar owner is not forthcoming with information. Matt guesses the bar owner will make a move and it comes quicker than he thought as the owner leaves within minutes of investigators exiting the building.

Angie and Matt follow the bar owner, Colin (John Tench) to a nearby apartment building. When Colin gets no response to knocking on an apartment door, he writes a message on a flyer, slips it under the door. Could this be Tex’s apartment? Does Colin know something he isn’t telling either Angie or Matt? What is Colin’s connection with Tex?

Angie and Matt break into the apartment. Matt thought Tex could be a cop or a criminal, but a private investigator. Matt discovers Tex’s ID hidden under a fake potted plant. Tex’s real name could be Anthony Brown, Carter Smith, Mars Anderson or Marty McDonnor. Which one is Tex’s real name?

Meet Mr Green…

Mark Green (Tom Barnettv) and his wife, Candice (Joy Tanner) revealed Tex is Texas Ethan Clarkson to Angie and Matt. Tex is a private investigator with his own firm, TC Investigative Solutions. The Greens hired Tex to find a stolen sketch. The sketch, a wedding gift, is worth half a million dollars. There is a good chance the stolen sketch could tie into a string of thefts Danica mentioned earlier in the episode.

The Greens tell the private investigators about Intimate Intentions. Intimate Intentions is a retreat close to where Tex had his accident.

At Intimate Intentions…

Angie is very good at making a scene. She convinces the receptionist to call Dr Lisa (Jewelle Blackman) and make an immediate emergency appointment. Matt’s taken off guard, but he goes with the pretence.

Private Eyes

Are they talking about the swing or moving their relationship from professional to personal? Lisa observes the conversation has gone off course but doesn’t know why. There is something else going on here.

At the Red Bird Diner…

Jason Priestley as Matt Shade

Matt meets Stephanie at his father’s diner. Matt talks about the first case he worked on with Angie. It was rocky, but they worked through their issues.

Later, when they get back together to finish the interview, Matt finally realises something about himself, but cannot bring himself to accept it. When he talks to his father, Don Shade (Barry Flatman), about not being able to reciprocate a kiss, Don knows there is no mystery. Don thinks Matt can be seriously ridiculous.

At the Agency…

Meanwhile, while Matt is at the Red Bird Diner, Angie and Texas are at the agency digging up information on Texas’ background. We discover Texas specialises in lost and stolen art. This explains all of Texas’ fake identities, Angie surmises. As the two of them dig deeper into Texas’ past, he remembers he has a little sister.

Angie finds an article about saying Tex was a cop. He was undercover at the time the article was published. His cover was blown.

The following morning, Matt arrives at the agency, and Angie debriefs him about Tex and also one of the yoga instructors at Intimate Intentions, Mateo Navarro (Morgan Lever), has a shifty past.

Private Eyes

Later, Angie attends a yoga class while Matt searches the instructor’s office for clues. Across town, Zoe and Texas work together at his apartment. Using her computer skills, Zoe discovers where Texas’ cell phone is; in the office Matt is searching.

As Matt continues to search the office, but with Zoe’s assistance (via cell phone call), he must find a hiding place because Angie and the instructor can be heard heading to the office.

After Angie and Mateo leaves the office, Matt finds Texas’ cell phone. It does not take long for Matt to find an image of Mateo and Candice on the phone. Could the yoga instructor be fleecing Candice or is she in on the art thefts?

Back at the Bar…

Because Candice doesn’t know Texas’ memory is returning the private investigators use that to their advantage. Texas mentions ‘number 54’ at a meeting with the with Candace. At the Five of Diamonds, Candice then heads directly to the self-storage facility.

Private Eyes

Candice meets Mateo at the facility. Neither of them realises the investigators are all on to the scheme. Texas, Matt and Angie confront Candice and Mateo as they exit the storage unit. Danica arrives on the scene then to arrests Mateo for various counts of art theft.

Private Eyes

Later, when Angie and Texas are enjoying a drink, they talk about the life we choose. After leaving the bar, it looks like Angie and Texas are about to hook up.