In the latest Private Eyes episode, televised on Global Wed. 31 July 2019, private investigators Matt Shade (Jason Priestley) and Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) initially think they’re uncovering a simple case of infidelity. During their investigation, they take a dinner-theatre pirate-theme-cruse to uncover the truth. It doesn’t take them long to discover the costumes, the pirate treasure, and eye patches are part of an illiterate smokescreen for something significantly more insidious than a cruise ship fling.

“Aye Aye, Tonya,” arguably one of the best instalments of the season, is Private Eyes’ penultimate season three episode. With a teleplay written by Keith Hodder, the episode sees the long-overdue return of Detective Kurtis ‘Maz’ Mazhari (Ennis Esmer).

In previous episodes, Trainee Detective Danica Powers (Ruth Goodwin) has been telling the private investigators Maz is taking training courses. Consequently, because of these so-called training courses, the detective hasn’t been at the police station whenever Matt and Angie needed his help. What’s the truth?

Private Eyes
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SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to see the latest episode of Private Eyes, stop reading now. There are spoilers ahead.

Private Eyes

Angie is in a causal relationship with Tex (Brett Donahue). If you saw the previous episode, Sudz Sutherland’s ‘Tex Therapy,’ you’ll remember Tex is a private investigator that specialises in lost and stolen art. When Tex regained his memories, after suffering a temporary bout of retrograde amnesia, the private investigator took down the art thieves with help from Angie and Matt. As a bonus, Angie and Matt were able to assist Danica in solving a string of thefts she did not get to work on because she’s covering Maz’s workload.

Private Eyes

Shortly after, at the offices of Everett & Shade Investigations, Angie is speaking with a new client as Matt arrives. The new client, Randall Strong (Taylor Hanson Whittaker), is convinced something is going on with his fiancée that he wants Angie and Matt to investigate. Tonya Gilbourne (Milda Gecaite), Randall’s fiancée, has been behaving oddly. Could she be having an affair? Randall doesn’t believe Tonya’s having an affair.

While Angie isn’t enthusiastic about sitting through dinner theatre aboard a ship complete with a pirate theme, Matt wants her to think of ‘it as a culinary adventure accompanied by Juilliard-trained-actors.’

“It’s the very definition of high art,” Matt tells Angie before arriving at the ship.

When Angie and Matt board the ship, they find the entertainment anything but ‘the very definition of high art.’ Cue opening credits…

Aboard Ship…

Tall Ship

When it comes to dinner-theatre, the cruise Angie and Matt take during their investigation isn’t high-brow entertainment, nor is it the kind of spectacle one would want to subject themselves to without many libations.

Private Eyes

After seeing Tonya being friendly with two of the men aboard the ship, Matt follows her below deck to see where she’s going and what she might be doing. As he tries to snap a picture of Tonya next to her locker, a crew member spots Matt in the stairwell and directs him to where he can find the passenger restrooms. While it seems lame of Matt to say he’s looking for the restroom, it works almost every time.

At the Police Station…

Police Station

Inspector Matilda Carlson (Linda Kash) doesn’t like Angie and Matt being in the restricted area of the police station. It’s for police officers only. She has indicated numerous times during the current season.

“We prefer to get our prior approval after the fact,” Matt said.

As Danica’s facial expression suggests she’s biting her tongue so that she doesn’t laugh, Carlson has a blasé attitude toward Matt’s comment. She’s seen it all before and she doesn’t like it.

Something else the inspector doesn’t like is how Angie and Matt use Maz and Danica for information retrieval. Both Angie and Matt have made ‘requests for phone records, licence plate searches and credit checks.’ The only thing the private investigators did not ask either Maz or Danica for is ‘a recommendation to a restaurant.’

Angie and Matt leave the police station without knowing where Maz is or what he’s doing.

Everett & Shade Investigations…

After leaving Maz a fourth voicemail message, Angie starts to express real concern as to the detective’s wellbeing.

“Even with the work ban,” Matt said. “It’s not like him to keep us out of the loop.”

Matt’s right. When it comes to Everett & Shade Investigations, Maz plays fast and loose with the rules because he knows Angie and Matt are good at their jobs. With Carlson being relatively new to the Toronto police station, she doesn’t know the two private investigators the same way Maz does.

Zoe Chow

Meanwhile, Angie and Matt are still investigating the possibility Tonya is having an affair with one of her crew mates. Matt wants to start with Chuck (Dwain Murphy). Could Chuck be sleeping with Tonya? Zoe Chow (Samantha Wan) seems to think he’s doing just that and possibly a lot more things.

At Chuck’s mobile home, Chuck leaves, Angie sneaks inside. As she conducts a cursory search of the interior, Angie finds Tonya’s bag. It’s the one Tonya had with her when she was on the ship the previous day. There is something seriously fishy about how Chuck comes to have Tonya’s bag on his bed. While it’s superficial evidence, it looks like Zoe might be right. Chuck could be sleeping with Tonya.

As Angie continues to search Chuck’s place, Chuck returns. The private investigator narrowly makes it out of the mobile home before Chuck enters.

When Angie and Matt report back to their client, they tell Randall that they suspect Tonya is a drug dealer.

Back at the Police Station…

Later, in the parking lot of the police station, Danica tries to play it as if Carlson is on her way out of the building, but Angie knows she’s not there because she saw the inspector drive away from the police station moments before the trainee detective exited.

Danica Powers

Danica tells Angie that the drug she found is a new synthetic opioid which is known as ‘Blue Bliss.’ Because Maz is apparently working undercover on an operation, Danica is uncomfortable going into detail about the case.

Who is The Turk?

After the private investigators return to Chuck’s place, not long after, they find him in a confrontation with two men. Chuck’s visitors take him to meet with The Turk. Who is The Turk?

When Angie and Matt follow the men, they find their base of operations, but before the private investigators can pass what they have discovered on to Danica, they are discovered and subsequently taken to The Turk.

Private Eyes

We soon discover where Maz has been for the past few weeks because he’s The Turk. It’s a good nickname. He made it up himself. Maz is Turkish, subsequently, he was the perfect choice for the undercover operation.

Improvising his cover story, Maz tells the real drug dealers Angie and Matt are working for him because he does not trust them to deliver on their side of the arrangement.

Back on the Ship…

The private investigators theorise Tonya refused to do a deep dive to retrieve the treasure the day they were aboard the ship. Because the drugs are hidden in the treasure, there is no need for a ship to ship transfer. Drug smugglers throw the treasure containing the drugs overboard and it stays there until the pirate theatre ship driver picks it up. After Angie texts Zoe the new theory, the private investigators return to the ship because they suspect Tonya is still aboard.

On the Ship

When Chuck and Captain Amy Pantalone (Stephanie Belding) discover the private investigators trying to rescue Tonya, the ship captain has Angie and Matt tied up. Amy has a test in mind for The Turk. Does he pass or does he fail? Amy and Chuck take Tonya to meet The Turk. This could be part of the test.

Maz finally gets to meet Captain Amy. Amy slides Maz a gun to shoot Tonya. This is the test. If Maz shoots Tonya, Amy will accept The Turk on face value. If he doesn’t, Amy will not trust him.

Private Eyes

Maz fails the test because he tries to shoot Amy. Knowing that there is a possibility The Turk will try to shoot her, she slid to him an unloaded gun. Maz wasn’t aware the gun wasn’t loaded, but perhaps he should have been. The wright of a loaded gun is heavier than one that’s unloaded.

All’s Well That Ends Well…

Angie and Matt manage to stall Amy and Chuck long enough for Danica and Carlson to show up. Even though the drug dealers are arrested, Carlson isn’t happy with Maz because Angie and Matt got involved with his undercover operation.

Private Eyes

“These two risked their necks to save my life and take down one of the city’s worst drug dealers, Inspector,” Maz said to Carlson. “What did you do today?”

Even though he immediately apologises for what he said, it took some real balls for Maz to stand up to his superior officer the way he did.

Jules Career Choices…

Jules Shade

Jules Shade (Jordyn Negri) has aspirations of becoming a professional DJ but Matt is not entirely sure he wants that for his daughter. Even though Matt initially wants to pull the plug on the entire idea of Jules doing a gig with a famous DJ, it looks like Angie could be right when she says that Matt’s afraid his daughter ‘is growing up and making her own decisions.’ Angie is right. Jules is old enough to make decisions for herself.

Next Week…

The season finale, Sutherland‘s ‘Glazed and Confused,’ scheduled for Wed. 7 Aug. 2019. The episode guest stars Star Trek legend William Shatner.