Proven Innocent: Episode Eight – ‘The Struggle for Stonewall’ Overview

Screen capture
Screen capture. A scene from the "Proven Innocent" episode 'The Struggle for Stonewall' featuring Russell Hornsby, Jazzmun and Rachelle Lefevre as Ezekiel 'Easy' Boudreau, Cindy Whitman and Madeline Scott, respectively. Image Credit: IMDb.

Discrimination is ugly. It is part of the reality we find ourselves in, it is part of our past and present. If nothing changes, discrimination will also be part of our future. During her podcast, Violet Bell’s (Nikki M. James) said, “Sometimes it’s terrifying but if we keep our true identities a secret, it’s a disease that mutates and ends up hurting those around us.”

“Proven Innocent,” created by David Elliot, is a must watch courtroom drama. Elliot’s series is unique in the genre because it revolves around a group of people that dedicate their lives to seeing justice for wrongfully imprisoned individuals.

The Struggle for Stonewall,” televised on Friday, 5 April 2019, is a quintessential example of what a truly excellent drama. With a profoundly powerful teleplay, the Danny Strong / Tesia Joy Walker co-written narrative speaks loudly of how discrimination has severely negative effects on those that experience it.

“Proven Innocent” promotional poster. Image Credit: IMDb.

The episode title, calling out what occurred between gay rights activists and police officers at the Stonewall Inn a gay bar in Greenwich Village in June 1969, is a direct reference to the Stonewall riots.

Almost every episode revolves around a wrongfully imprisoned individual. In the case of “The Struggle for Stonewall,” the wrongfully imprisoned individual the Injustice Defense Group assists is Cindy Whitman (Jazzmun). Whitman is a transwoman. She was wrongfully convicted of murdering a transgender friend, Vanessa Johnson (Simone Grey Goodman).

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Glass at the 73rd Annual Peabody Awards, 2014. Photo Credit: Peabody Awards

Did you recognise Violet podcast guest? That’s right. It’s NPR’s Ira Glass. Glass, a Brown University alumnus, is an accomplished radio personality with NPR.

The NPR host offers Violet a job in New York. Working in New York on a podcast of her own could be exciting. After careful consideration, even though the offer is tempting, Violet determines her place is with the Injustice Defense Group.

Meanwhile, Gore Bellows’ (Kelsey Grammer) newest campaign manager discovers new evidence in Rosemary’s murder case. Bellows believes Madeline is responsible for Rosemary’s death. Is he willing to manufacture evidence to see Madeline sent back to prison? With the election in the balance, nothing is off the table.

Violet’s words resonated with Madeline Scott (Rachelle Lefevre) so much that she finally decides to reveal part of her identity to family she has been keeping private.

Acceptable Losses,” the ninth episode in the series, is scheduled Friday, 12 April 2019.