‘Realm of Shadows’ is coming in 2020


Tony Todd, an accomplished horror master in his own right, stars in the coming ‘Realm of Shadows.’ The Washington, D.C. born Todd is playing long time Catholic priest Fr Dudley.

According to the press release, sent out by California based public relations firm OCTOBER COAST PR, Fr Dudley must watch out for his close friend Robby Duray (Jimmy Drain, ‘The Initiation’), during a testing time in Robby’s life. Dudley also takes on the volatile task of taming Robby’s diabolic alter-ego and steer him away from the snares of Satan. Cassandra (Vida Ghaffari, Fox’s ‘The Mindy Project’) is the alluring and mysterious muse of Master Makin…the mysterious owner of the haunted vault near Strain City’s infamous cemetery and narrator of the shadows for our feature presentation. There is tension between her and her acolyte Corey (Denise Gurule, Investigation Discovery’s ‘House of Horrors: Kidnapped’).

From the way Drain’s Robby is described in the press release, there is an almost Jekyll and Hyde dynamic to the way he’s being presented.

Overall, the press release suggests ‘Realm of Shadows’ will feature an anthology of short horror tales which takes the movie-going audience on a journey in a mysterious world of witches, supernatural possession and sinister characters lurking in every corner.

Tony Todd… A Legend in His Own Lifetime

While Tony Todd is best known for his work on both the Candyman and Final Destination franchises, Trekkies will recall him playing Kurn on both ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.’ It was also in ‘ST: DS9,’ in the fourth season episode ‘The Visitor,’ where the actor played an adult Jake Sisko. ‘The Visitor’ was an emotion-packed episode in which Todd added a new dimension to the character Cirroc Lofton established in the series’ premiere episode ‘The Emissary.’ Consequently, no matter what the genre, Todd’s ability to carry a production is unquestionable.

Realm of Shadows
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Cast and Crew…

Further to Todd, Drain, Ghaffari and Gurule, the film also stars Lauren C. Mayhew, Jodi Lynn Thomas, Gregg Stone, Caustic Scifidelic, Mark T. Fowler and Noah Anderson.

Director: Jimmy Drain and Brian McCulley – Creator: Drain – Story: Lewis Leslie – Screenplay: Robert Bieber – Colorado’s ThunderKnight Entertainment LTD is putting out the production.