‘Seeds’ (2019) Review


The tag line for ‘Seeds’ tells us that this production is “A Story of Temptation and Monsters.” If one were to go entirely by the trailer for the production before considering watching the film, it is likely you’d give it a miss because the trailer doesn’t do the film justice. There is nothing comfortable about the film.

‘Seeds,’ written and directed by first-time filmmaker Owen Long, is a story which delves deeply into family bonds. The darkest aspects of the production reference significant taboos which society finds abhorrent and utterly disturbing.

The film stars Trevor Long as Marcus Milton. Long, the director’s brother, is best known for playing Cade Langmore in the television series ‘Ozark.’ The character Long plays is man with a significantly troubled mind.

Marcus, having experienced a traumatic event, returns to the family home. It’s been several years since Marcus has been anywhere near the place. From the way we see Marcus interacting with his niece Lily, there is a plausible reason for why he hasn’t been home in years.

As Marcus begins to reconnect with his brother’s family, and his niece especially, he begins to weaken as a result of a growing sickness within him. Is this a manifestation of his darkest desires or is there something ready to bust free from its host?

Except for a few scenes where Marcus isn’t present, Long’s character dominates the production.  The performance Long gives throughout the film is consistently solid.

Seeds is reminiscent of Lolita but darker and more sinister. This film is what Lolita would have been if the likes of Stephen King had written the narrative. Even though the story presents itself in a slow drawn-out pace, it pulls you into the narrative until long after the closing credits have finished rolling.

‘Seeds’ Synopsis – IMDb.com

When his increasingly depraved behaviour spirals out of control, Marcus retreats to his family home along the New England coast. But instead of finding solace, Marcus is haunted by his darkest fears and deepest desires.

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Cast and Characters:

Trevor Long, Andrea Chen, Garr Long, Kevin Breznahan, Chris McGarry, Michelle Liu Coughlin, Adrian Enscoe, Shannon Hartman and John Emigh respectively play Marcus Milton, Lily, Spencer, Evan, Michael, Grace, Drew, Trish and Keversmith.


‘Seeds,’ a Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment presentation, will hit movie theatre screens in these United States on Friday, 13 Sept. 2019, and will be available to purchase on VOD and DVD Thursday, 24 Sept. 2019.

'Seeds' (2019) Review
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