In the closing scene of the Christopher Misiano directed ‘Everything’s Changed,’ we saw New York State Bar Association representative Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby) step out of the elevator and give then managing partner Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) an ultimatum.

Louis could ever sign the documentation she brought with her, giving her full control of Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams, or he could see all partners within the firm have their licences to practice law suspended for six months. Because he was not given any time to consult with any of the other partners as to a game plan moving forward, Louis had no choice but to sign Richardson’s documentation.

The latest episode of ‘Suits,’ the Michael Smith directed ‘Special Master,’ landed on the USA Network Wednesday, 24 July 2019.

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SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to see the latest episode of ‘Suits,’ stop reading now because there are spoilers ahead.

Katherine Heigl as Samantha Wheeler

The Michael Smith directed ‘Special Master’ opens with a scene with Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) at her regular boxing gym. Samantha is in the ring when an old friend from her military days asks her if she up for another round. While I personally was never very good at boxing, having tried it when I was attending boarding school, I can see how people like Samantha would find the sport of kings appealing.

When Samantha asks Lucas Hodges (Demore Barnes) how his job is going, he tells the attorney that he was fired. Lucas believes, because the guy they are keeping is the CEO’s son-in-law, he feels the situation has nepotism written all over it. Apparently, according to Samantha, it’s more than just nepotism. It’s a lawsuit.

When Samantha offers to take Lucas to breakfast, he tells her that the bill for breakfast better show up in his legal fees because he’s not taking charity. Samantha tells her former military colleague it’s not called charity. It’s called ‘pro-bono’ and she’s not taking no for an answer.

Breakfast with Mankini…

Meanwhile, across town, Louis is enjoying breakfast all by himself as Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) arrive at his residence. Louis asks his colleagues if they would care for some Weetabix. I didn’t know Weetabix were a thing in these United States. If you are wondering what Weetabix is, its popular whole grain wheat breakfast cereal produced in the British Isles by Weetabix Limited. More importantly… What is Louis wearing? It’s apparently a mankini. While it is very supportive, as Louis tells Harvey and Donna, it’s not something most American men would be seen dead wearing.


Despite Louis being enthusiastic about showing off his mankini to Harvey and Donna, they are there to share with the managing partner some news. Donna is trying to tell Louis that she and Harvey are a couple, but he doesn’t initially get what she’s telling him. Harvey is right. How did Louis manage to make it through law school when he does not recognise the obvious? After Donna finally gets the point of their visit through Louis’ head and he understands what type of relationship she and Harvey are now in, the managing partner has some news of his own and it isn’t good. Consequently, any celebrations pertaining to Harvey and Donna will have to wait.

Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams


In the conference room at Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams, the partners have gathered for an emergency meeting. Even though Richardson was not invited to the meeting, she makes her presence felt. While Samantha thinks Alex Williams (Dulé Hill) was going to blame Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) for their current predicament, Richardson tells the partners it happened because of their collective choices. Richardson, with all the authority the New York State Bar Association gives her, is adamant Zane’s name will be removed before the end of the business day. Because of her loyalty to Robert, with her not wanting to see Robert’s name removed from the wall, Samantha tells Richardson to go to hell and promptly walks out of the conference room.

Denise Crosby as Faye Richardson

“I suggest you start getting used to doing things my way,” Richardson warns the partners, “because this isn’t the wild west. And your days of operating however the hell you want are over.” Cue opening credits…

Immediately after the meeting ends, Harvey heads directly to Samantha’s office. Have you ever noticed how spacious the partner’s offices are? These rooms are huge. Do real attorneys have offices like this? In New York, that’s a strong possibility.

Harvey talks Samantha out of quitting. Samantha tells Harvey about the case she took that morning. Officially she now needs Richardson to sign off on it because her authority became active the moment Louis signed her documents. Consequently, Harvey said to tell her that she met with the client the previous night. Any cases started before Richardson took over the firm are not under her control.

In Louis’ Office…

Down the corridor, in Louis’ office, Alex is not happy that the managing partner did not mention to anyone that he signed off on Richardson taking over the firm. Considering Louis’ options, sign or see all partners be suspended from practising law for six months, the managing partner had no choice but to capitulate. When Gretchen Bodinski (Aloma Wright) interrupts their argument, Louis tries to tell his secretary that the situation does not involve her. She, however, has a different opinion because she is the only one at the law firm that has previously worked with Richardson. This comes as a surprise to both Louis and Alex. What could Gretchen know about Richardson?

Aloma Wright as Gretchen Bodinski

Gretchen worked at Richardson’s firm years ago, back before she became New York State Bar Association’s special a**h*le. “The word was when she was managing partner,” Gretchen tells them, “she found out her husband crossed some kind of line. She stripped his name off the wall and fired him.”

In Donna’s Office…

As Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) concludes her conversation with Donna, Richardson enters the room. They exchange pleasantries and Katrina leaves the special master to discuss whatever it is she wanted with the firm’s COO. Richardson wants an exit interview with Thomas Kessler (Sasha Roiz). If Richardson were to speak with Thomas, that would be problematic for Donna, Harvey and Alex because Robert was not the one that broke attorney-client privilege. Even though Thomas was Alex’s client, it was Donna that broke the privilege.


Even though Donna has sent Thomas the law firm’s exit-survey to complete, that is not enough for Richardson as she insists on there being a face-to-face interview with the man.

In Harvey’s Office…

As soon as Richardson leaves Donna’s officer, the COO immediately makes her way to Harvey’s office where she tells him that they need to talk. Initially, Harvey thinks Donna is going to disagree with him, but they are both on the same page when it comes to Richardson. “That woman needs to go,” Donna tells Harvey. “Now!”

An exit interview with Thomas would be seriously bad. Harvey knows it because Thomas will not lie for them again. “If we can’t ask Thomas to lie again, there is only one way out,” Harvey suggests to Donna. “Make it so that he doesn’t have to talk to her at all.”

Samantha’s New Case…

Samantha pays a visit to Lucas’ former boss. When Tom Daly (Ryan Hollyman) asks what her visit is all about, she tells him its “about nepotism and wrongful termination.”

It seems that Lucas did not tell Samantha the entire story. Lucas did not mention to Samantha the employee he injured. He apparently missed work at crunch time, and he didn’t always call in to say he wasn’t working that day. Tom says Lucas was erratic and impossible to work with. From the way Tom describes Lucas, there is no way the two-tour veteran does not have PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Later, when Samantha speaks with Lucas, she tries to persuade him to seek help for his condition. Lucas does not what to admit that he has PTSD.

“There are literally thousands of people going through the exact same thing,” Samantha said, “and once we get you diagnosed, we can…” Lucas cuts her off mid-sentence. Unless Samantha can find the right buttons, there is no way she will get him to visit a psychiatrist.

After meeting with Lucas, as Samantha arrives at the firm, she immediately notices Robert’s name has been removed from the wall. Samantha is not able to get as far as her own office without Richardson seeing her.


Richardson wants Samantha to drop Lucas’ case. Samantha tells her that she took the case last night, but Richardson is convinced that what she is hearing is a cover story. Samantha being Samantha does not care what Richardson thinks she knows because she told Harvey about the case when she took it, “which means, according to [Richardson’s] own rules, [she doesn’t] get a say as to whether [Samantha] drops this or not.”

Louis goes to IT…

Louis speaks to Benjamin (David Reale) about Faye Richardson and how to get rid of her from the firm. The managing partner wants the IT manager to find a loophole in the NYSB’s bylaws so that they can remove her. This is a 3,000-page document which Benjamin would have to scan into the computer before he could create a hack to search the document for loopholes. Who does Louis think Benjamin is? Benjamin is no Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). If Mike were still at the firm, he would find the loopholes Louis needs without having to scan the bylaws into a computer.

An Unscheduled Meeting with Thomas…

Sasha Roiz as Thomas Kessler

Even though Thomas correctly observes they have nothing to discuss, Harvey disagrees because the former client is not aware of what is currently happening at Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams.

“Because as a result of that hearing,” Harvey said, “the bar installed someone to watch every move we make. And now she wants to ask you why you’re leaving.”

Consequently, because Harvey knows Thomas will not lie for him again, the attorney wants him to stay with the firm as a client. The one question Thomas asks of Harvey, while it might have come as a surprise to the attorney, is like a question he asked of Donna last season. Therefore no one watching this episode should be at all surprised that he would broach it.

“Who is Donna to you?” Thomas asks Harvey. The attorney tells Thomas that “she’s the most important person in my life … and she knows it.”

With Thomas convinced that Harvey is telling him the truth, he agrees to stay with Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams on one condition. “From now on you’re my lawyer,” Thomas said, “not Alex.” While it is highly unlikely Alex will like Harvey taking one of his clients, neither Harvey nor Alex will have a choice in the matter because that is Thomas’ condition. If Harvey does not accept it, he will not return to the firm. Obviously, if he does return to the firm, there will be no need for him to meet with Richardson.

In Katrina’s Office…

Amanda Schull as Katrina Bennett

Samantha asks Katrina for her assistance on the Lucas case but because the partner needs access to her expense account, there might be problems with Richardson breathing down their necks. When Katrina asks Samantha why she needs access to her expense account when she has one of her own, she tells her that “Faye banned [her] from using firm resources.” On hearing this, Katrina is even less comfortable with working on the case.

She tells Katrina that she served with Lucas for four years. After her four years were up, she got out, but Lucas stayed. “He did two more tours,” Samantha said, “and in his hears, he is still there.”

While Samantha convinces Katrina to assist with the case, there are two conditions. It must be done on the up and up, and the fight must be one they can win.

Later, Richardson pays Katrina a visit because she saw her name added as an attorney of record on the Lucas case. Because Samantha is not allowed to use firm resources on this case, Katrina worked on her own time and will not be attending the deposition Samantha scheduled.

Katrina is an excellent attorney and she knows how to colour within the lines. Consequently, she also knows how to colour extremely close to the lines when she needs to get the desired result.

At the deposition, the one Katrina referenced to Richardson earlier during the day, Samantha is offered a $25,000 settlement. She is not satisfied with the amount, but she is obligated to take that offer to her client. It’s the best deal she’s going to get out of Tom and his attorney (Chris Handfield).

How did the Deposition go?

When Samantha did not go to her after the deposition, Katrina went to Samantha’s office. Because Samantha did not go see her, Katrina should have known the deposition did not go well. Samantha needs to come up with another way to help Lucas.

Later, when Samantha speaks with Lucas about the settlement, he is angry because he wants his job back. To make it seem to the outside world that Lucas has a job, Samantha set up a corporation named SW Industries and hired him for one year. He is being paid $100,000, but for the contract to remain unbroken, Lucas must seek help with his condition.

In Alex’s Office…

When Alex arrives in his office, he finds Harvey waiting for him with two shots of Scotch. One of the drinks is for Alex, but he initially assumes Harvey is having a rough day.

SuitsWhile it might be true that Harvey is having a rough day, it is about to get a whole lot rougher because he is about to tell Alex that Thomas is returning to the firm as his client. Because Thomas no longer trusts Alex, Thomas wants Harvey as his attorney.

Later, after Harvey spoke with Alex, he stops by Donna’s office to discuss the next step. Donna questions whether the plan will work, but Harvey trusts Thomas to do the right thing by the firm. Consequently, Richardson should not be aware of what’s going on.

After Richardson manages to humiliate Louis in front of his associates, Alex talks the managing partner into taking some time out for himself. If neither of them doesn’t blow-off some steam, one of them will eventually kill someone. Consequently, Alex takes Louis bowling.

Once Louis begins to imagine Richardson’s face on the pins, the managing partner begins to bowl well. He gets a perfect score.

Thomas arrives at the law firm…

Instead of going directly to Harvey’s office, Thomas stops by Donna’s office to see her. She seemed pleased to see her. Thomas takes the engagement letter from Donna to Harvey because they have some business to discuss.

Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen

When Donna learns that Thomas backed out of signing the engagement letter, the only thing left for the COO to do was tell Richardson the truth. Seconds later, as Richardson enters her new office, Donna is waiting there for her. Donna has no choice but to tell Richardson the real reason Thomas is not coming back. Because Donna tells Richardson the truth, the special master has the COO cancel the scheduled meeting with Thomas.

In the Partner’s Kitchen…


Louis is confronted by Richardson because he has had Benjamin working on NYSBA bylaws all day. If she hadn’t had trouble with her email, she probably would not have known what Benjamin had been working on.

Because of how Richardson talks to him, Louis immediately goes to IT to fire Benjamin.  Meanwhile, as Louis makes his way to IT, Gretchen tells Harvey and Donna that they need to get over to IT and they need to do it now. Louis wants Benjamin gone, but neither Donna nor Harvey agrees. Further, when Richardson arrives in IT, she immediately countermands Louis’ order. Benjamin is not going anywhere.

Denise Crosby as Faye Richardson

When Louis leaves the building and gets into the waiting town car, he finds Richardson is already seated in the vehicle. Richardson strips Louis of his title as managing partner and all the duties that go with it. Louis has a choice. He can can either accept it or he can resign. Either way, Richardson does not care.

Final Thoughts…

I didn’t think I’d like Samantha when she joined the firm but metaphorically speaking, she has real balls. The attorney is not afraid to express what she thinks in unambiguous terms.

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