‘Windmills,’ the latest episode in the Suits final season, picks up the drama immediately after Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) being stripped of his title and all responsibilities that goes with being managing partner by the New York State Bar Association’s Special Master Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby).

The plight of the New York law firm Specter Litt Wheeler Williams is up in the air. None of the partners are happy with Richardson’s treatment of Louis. Personal issues are complicating work life.

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SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet seen the recent Gabriel Macht directed Suits episode, stop reading now. There are spoilers ahead.

Episode Synopsis: ‘Windmills”

During this episode, Harvey Specter (Macht) takes a case to send Faye a message. Meanwhile, Judge Saul Zuckerman (Marvin Kaye) presents Louis with a judgeship opportunity. If Louis doesn’t take it, the only robe the now former managing partner will ever get to wear is the one hanging in his bathroom closet.

Will Richardson get the Message?

Just because Louis is no longer the firm’s managing partner, it doesn’t mean Harvey is going to take his cues from Faye. Harvey has a clear disdain for Faye. He doesn’t hide his feelings on the subject. It’s out there in the open for all to see. There is no ambiguity. Consequently, Harvey finds a case perfect for his purposes.

Because he has yet to cross a single line while Richardson has been with the firm, even though Harvey doesn’t like capitulating to her, the Special Master is doing that she’s there to do. When Richardson points this out to Harvey, it leaves him lost for words.


Meanwhile, with Alex Williams’ (Dulé Hill) help, Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) is trying to find a way to remove Richardson.

“If the presence of a Special Master causes significant harm to a firm,” Samantha reads, “They can be removed.”

Samantha wants to talk a client into leaving and have the blame for it at Richardson’s door. If other clients leave, that would be “significant harm” and the NYSB would have no choice but to remove their Special Master. As plans goes, what Samantha comes up with is despicable, consequently, Alex wants no part of it because it wreaks of conspiracy.

Does Blackmail Work?

Elsewhere, Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) is working on a case without an associate for support when Susan (Alison Louder) goes to her with an offer of help. Susan references an email important to the case. Even though Katrina was aware of its existence, she did not know the original date was whited out. With a cursory glance, it’s something which could be easily overlooked.

‘If you hadn’t court that,” Katrina said. “We’d have been in trouble.”

When Susan asks if they are working together, Katrina tells her that she’s “giving her a chance.”


There is ambition in Susan’s eyes, possibly too much. Such ambition can lead to people taking the wrong path to get a job done. While the wrong path occasionally leads to a satisfying conclusion, it invariably leaves people with a lingering stench of duplicity.

Does Louis belong on the Bench?


From the way Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris) speaks of her conversations Saul, the judge believes Louis belongs on the bench. It is what Louis wants but a judgeship would mean a significant reduction in income and he would not see his friends as much as he does.

Louis, when he meets with Dr Lipschitz (Ray Proscia), realises his concerns about how his friends would cope without him are nothing in comparison to his worries about himself managing life without them. One only needs to analyse Louis’ dream to understand what he’s really thinking.

Final Thoughts…

Is Louis Suits’ version of Eugene Young (Steve Harris)? In the final season of ‘The Practice,’ Eugene became a judge. The firm in ‘The Practice’ closes its doors forever. Does Louis become a judge? Will Specter Litt Wheeler Williams close? If the firm is not able to get out from under Richardson’s thumb, it is likely it will close.