The Loudest Voice: S01.E03. “2008”


We are three episodes into Showtime’s miniseries ‘The Loudest Voice.’ The miniseries, based on the Gabriel Sherman written biographical work ‘‘The Loudest Voice in the Room: How the Brilliant, Bombastic Roger Ailes Built Fox News – and Divided a Country’,’ revolves around Roger Ailes’ (Russell Crowe) career at the head of Fox News. While the first two episodes of the miniseries were set in 1995 and 2001, respectively,  the third instalment takes us to 2008. What do you think thus far?

The Loudest Voice. Image Credit:
The Loudest Voice. Image Credit:

SPOILER ALTER: If you have yet to watch the third episode of ‘The Loudest Voice,’ stop reading now. There are spoilers ahead.

The opening scene sees Zac Ailes (Brady Jenness) walk into his father’s study carrying a toy sailboat. Ailes is watching on television Barack Obama deliver a speech in Minnesota. The scene transitions to Ailes taking his son out to the flagpole. He tells Zac that every morning he wants him to raise the flag and lower it every evening. He must respect the flag and never allow it to touch the ground.

Obama defeated the now late John McCain to become the 44th President of these United States. Consequently, Ailes and Fox News found a target that they could go after with every fibre of their being. As a result, Ailes disdain for the president not only drove coverage, it also cemented Fox News as the news network for conservatively minded people.

Even though Fox News had already established dominance over other news networks prior to Obama becoming president, the 2008 presidential election changed everything for Fox News. Ailes wanted the network to focus more specifically on their target demographic.

Ailes saw Obama as the ultimate enemy. Consequently, Fox News president saw it his duty to launch a full-scale assault of the American president. Interestingly, Rupert Murdoch (Simon McBurney) was not on board with the way Ailes used Fox News as a weapon to go after the Obama Administration.

The Loudest Voice. Image Credit:
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Final Thoughts…

A major issue with the Showtime miniseries is the narrative. Everyone already knows how anti-Obama Fox News was and remains. On one hand, where ‘The Loudest Voice’ is an opportunity for nostalgia, on the other hand, it shows the true face of Fox News as the media arm of the Republican Party.

What is the likelihood of Fox News viewers watching ‘The Loudest Voice’? Because the miniseries shows that man for what he truly was, considering facts is not something the Fox News Network audience is familiar with, there is little chance the production will interest such people.