The Rook: S01.E04. “The Switch”


The fourth episode of ‘The Rook’ landed on Starz Sunday, 21 July 2019. The plausibility of a show, even on that revolves around characters with special abilities, must resonate with viewers on some level without it stretching beyond believability. Is this what we get with The Rook? The series, based on a book of the same title written by Australian author Daniel O’Malley, revolves around Myfanwy Thomas (Emma Greenwell).

Myfanwy, in her pre-retrograde amnesia state, is more in tune with the title character’s movements before she makes them. Is this plausible? Should we believe that the pre-amnesia Myfanwy knew every move she would make if she were to have her memories wiped? It’s a bit of a stretch. How could she know what she would do? What are your thoughts?

This miniseries has significant twists and turns running the entirety of the production. During the first three episodes, the narrative was dragging. It was going at a snail’s pace. Does the fourth episode advance the narrative? While we are now to understand what the Lugat wants with Myfanwy, we are no closer to learning who she is as a person.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen the latest episode, stop reading now. There are spoilers ahead.

The Rook

While the third instalment of the miniseries was a tad confusing for a lot of viewers, the same cannot be said for this latest episode. When Myfanwy reconnects with her former psychiatrist Dr Andrew Bristol (James D’Arcy), it opens a door into her past and allows the audience a glimpse of her past.

The Rook

Elsewhere, because Conrad Grantchester (Adrian Lester) is not convinced Lady Linda Farrier (Joely Richardson), the Queen breaks into Myfanwy’s residence to see what it is she is hiding from him and the Checquy. During his search of the flat, Conrad finds the key to a safety deposit box at the Lugat’s bank. Naturally, Farrier’s second in command wants to know why Myfanwy has a safety deposit box at a Russian bank.

Meanwhile, in London, American BVA Agent Monica Reed (Olivia Munn) and the Gestalt: Robert (Ronan Raftery), Eliza (Catherine Steadman), the twins Alex, and Teddy (Jon Fletcher), scour the city looking for a missing EVA who escaped from the Russians after the auction.

The British government has the Checquy, the Americans have the BVA, and the Russians have the Lugat. Each agency works independently from one another. From time to time, there is cooperation. Monica working with the Gestalt is an example of this cooperation.

The Rook
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Final Thoughts…

The Rook

Monica’s story, even though the character only plays a minor role in the source material, is significantly more interesting than anything we have seen with the title character. Even though Monica was sidelined by the Checquy, she took matters into her own hands. Because Monica is pursuing her own line of inquiry, Farrier is not too happy with the American poking her nose in where it is not wanted.

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