‘This Way Up,’ directed by Alex Winckler and written by Aisling Bea, is a six-part dramedy that revolves around foreign language school worker Aine as she recovers from a “teeny little nervous breakdown.” Shona, played by Catastrophe’s Sharon Horgan, Aine’s perpetually worried sister.

When is “This Way Up” scheduled?

This Way Up
Screen Capture: Sharon Horgan and Aisling Bea as Shona and Aine, respectively, in the Alex Winckler directed ‘This Way Up.’

‘This Way Up,’ a Merman production, saw it’s series premiere on the UK’s Channel 4 on Thursday, 8 August 2019 at 22:00 (10 PM). The next five episodes in the series will be shown on consecutive Thursdays.

What is ‘This Way Up’ about?

Aine is an English-as-a-foreign-language (TEFL) teacher who’s trying to cope with life after suffering a nervous breakdown. Shona, the perpetually worrying sister, is concerned she no longer has room for her boyfriend in her modest flat because she purchased a new coffee table.

This Way Up
Screen Capture: Aisling Bea as Aine in the Alex Winckler directed ‘This Way Up.’

The TEFL students where Aine teaches are a colourful crowd of characters every bit as lost as their teacher. Each of Aine’s students, despite facing both social and psychological barriers, are hoping to achieve happiness.

Who stars in ‘This Way Up’?

‘This Way Up’ stars series creator Aisling Bea. Bea, a LAMDA (London Academy for Music and Dramatic Art), is an actor, stand-up comedian and writer. Even though she is possibly best known for her comedic work, the Kildare born actor is also known for such productions as ‘L.O.L,’ ‘Dead Boss,’ ‘Trollied,’ ‘Bullet to the Heart’ and ‘Hard Sun.’

This Way Up
Screen Capture: Aisling Bea and Ricky Grover as Aine and Tom, respectively, in the Alex Winckler directed ‘This Way Up.’

In addition to Bea, the six-part series also stars Sharon Horgan, Aasif Mandvi, Kadiff Kirwan, Indira Varma, Dorian Grover, Todor Jordanov, Pik Sen Lim, Tobias Menzies, Jassem Mougari and Ricky Grover.