Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No. It’s Donald Blimp!

Image Credit: Jon Cooper Twitter: @joncoopertweets
Image Credit: Jon Cooper Twitter: @joncoopertweets

As Londoners brace themselves for President Donald J. Trump’s visit to the British Isles, Comcast’s Sky News has the quintessentially British response to the pending American invasion of the U.K. capital.

In anticipation of the president’s arrival in London, Sky News has put of a promo video featuring everyone’s favourite orange nappy-wearing blimp. Hannah Jane Parkinson, an accomplished journalist with the Guardian, shared the Sky News video on her Twitter account Sunday, 2 June 2019.

Pie in the Sky?

“Sky’s promo for its Trump visit coverage is very good indeed,” Parkinson wrote in her Twitter caption. Even though this might be tongue-in-cheek humour, a significant number of Brits will undoubtedly see the funny side. Trump may be offended by such Britishness but then it really takes very little to get under the president’s orange skin.

For much of the video, we see a large shadow passing over dogs, suburbs, Buckingham Palace and even the British Royals. People are seen gazing up in horror. The size of the object, looming over London like one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, is terribly daunting. It’s Donald Blimp!

This is not the first time we have seen Donald Blimp before in the British sky. If Trump continues to visit the UK, the blimp will probably return to the sky on each occasion.

During Trump’s first visit to the UK, Donald Blimp made its first appearance in the London sky. Approval for the blimp being flown over the city came from London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Because Trump has no understand of diplomatic or royal etiquette, foreign officials believe the American president lacks presidential character. Trump is no John F. Kennedy, that much is certain. Kennedy did not resort to lying with every breathe he took.

Respecting diplomatic niceties has never been one of Trump’s strong points. As a result, this is possibly one of the reasons his supporters gravitate towards him. While Trump’s supporters might find him refreshing, the same cannot be said for the Brits.

A Very British Viewpoint

Brits consider the American president an overgrown psychologically underdeveloped baby. Considering Trump has a tendency towards more than the occasional Twitter tantrum, the British view is pretty accurate. Consequently, many Britons do not want Trump in their country.

The accuracy of the blimp is most astounding. Further to the blimp featuring an iPhone, it contains just as must hot air as the real Donald Trump.