Trump, Jr. sparks new “Birther Controversy”


Birther conspiracies returned to American politics in a big way this week when prominent far-right wing figures, inclusive of Donald Trump, Jr., questioned Sen. Kamala Harris’ heritage.

Because of Harris’ performance on night two, various social media trolls took to Twitter to undermine the senator by firing off a salvo of birther conspiracies reminiscent of the ones Donald J. Trump ignited when Barack Obama was running for president.

“Well, unfortunately, it appears that the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said. “What comes to mind is the question to the whole Trump family, at last, have you no decency sirs?”

A spokesman speaking for Trump, Jr. said that the president’s eldest son retweeted the questionable tweet before he knew Harris was half-Indian.

Even if Trump, Jr. had known the senator was half-Indian, the likelihood of him not retweeting such a comment would be next to zero, because there is a good chance Harris will be squaring off against Trump in the coming Presidential Election.

Kamala Harris…

Harris, born in Oakland, Calif. on Tuesday, 20 Oct. 1964, is the daughter of Donald and Shyamala Gopalan Harris. The senators father is a Stanford University economics professor and her mother was a cancer researcher. Further to her career as a researcher, Gopalan Harris was also a civil rights activist.

Majoring in political science and economics, Harris earned her undergraduate degree from Howard University. After returning to California from Washington D.C., Harris began working on a law degree at Hastings College. Hastings College, the University of California’s law college, is where Harris earned her Juris Doctor degree. In 1990, Harris was admitted to the State Bar of California.

In 2003, Harris successfully defeated two-term incumbent Terence Hallinan to become the District Attorney of the City and County of San Francisco. During the next 13-years, the now presidential hopeful went from District Attorney, the Attorney General of Calif. to U.S. Senator from Calif. Harris now has her sights on the White House. Will Harris be the one to break through the political glass ceiling?

Democrats United…

“The coordinated smear campaign on Senator @KamalaHarris is racist and vile. The Trump family is peddling birtherism again and it’s incumbent on all of us to speak out against it,” Inslee wrote.

Further to Inslee, Sens. Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, former vice president Joe Biden and numerous other individuals, supported the senator from California.

Booker, having seen a Tweet by The New York Times, can be seen defending his senatorial colleague. In the Tweet, the New York Senator wrote, “@KamalaHarris doesn’t have sh*t to prove.”

“The attacks against @KamalaHarris are racist and ugly. We all have an obligation to speak out and say so. And it’s within the power and obligation of tech companies to stop these vile lies dead in their tracks,” Warren tweeted.

Biden, despite having taken significant heat from Harris during the debate, came to the senator’s defence. He said the “same forces” which looked to undermine Obama with birtherism claims were doing the same thing with Harris.

Final Thoughts…

Even though it’s nothing one should be proud of, the president is probably cheering his eldest son on. Consequently, Trump, Jr. will most likely repeat his previous actions. Because there is no decency anywhere in the Trump family, it’s what the Trumps do.

It’s sad so many Americans are willing to buy into such contrivances without giving them a second thought. We saw the same type of attacks against Obama. Will we see more attacks against Harris in the coming months? Do you think it will come from Trump, Jr. or another member of the Trump family? Will Fox News hosts seize their moment in the spotlight? Please comment as you see fit.