Veronica Mars is finally back


After 12 years of waiting for the fourth season of the Rob Thomas created series Veronica Mars, the return of Kristen Bell as the title character was long overdue but well worth the wait. In addition to Bell returning to the series, we also find Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III, Francis Capra and Ryan Hansen playing their regular series characters Logan Echolls, Keith Mars, Wallace Fennel, Eli ‘Weevil’ Navarro, and Dick Casablancas, respectively. And yes, I still have a thing for Veronica’s dad. Why do you think I watched the first three seasons of the series and the movie? I digress…

Enrico Colantoni

The last time we saw Veronica armed with her camera, a powerful lens and her wit was in the 2014 Thomas directed film spin-off. Five years later, landing on the Hulu Friday, 19 July 2019, the gang is back with an eight-episode season.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to see episodes from the fourth season, stop reading now. There are spoilers ahead.

The much anticipated fourth season of Veronica Mars has a feel to it the previous three seasons lacked. With a heightened feel for drama and a sharper edge, these eight episodes every bit as seductive as anything we previously saw.

Even though the character could be one described as being the Nancy Drew of Neptune, now that Veronica is all grown up, the private investigator is more like J.J. Gittes. If you aren’t familiar with the reference, Gittes is the character Jack Nicholson played in the 1974 Roman Polanski directed drama mystery thriller “Chinatown.” While it might be a stretch for some people to see the similarities between Mars and Nicholson’s character, if one looks hard enough, one will find the parallels.

While the now 30-something Veronica is showing she is not comfortable with change, her father is still feeling the effects of the car accident we saw back in 2014. Could Keith’s memory lapses be a warning of dementia? It’s possible. The signs are indicative of the condition. Keith is looking to retire from being a private investigator; consequently, he tries to get his daughter to follow a different path.

Is Logan still the Bad Boy?

Veronica Mars

Logan, previously everyone’s favourite high school bad boy, is a navy intelligence officer with significant governmental clearance. While Logan remains calm at Veronica’s rejection, the same cannot be said for the private investigator. She seems anything but calm. Does she regret her decision? Anyone familiar with the narrative pertaining to Veronica and Logan will tell you that, during the first three seasons of the series, everyone thought these two were meant to get together at some point in their future. It was only a matter of time before the two of them accepted the inevitable. Unfortunately for Logan, Veronica’s destiny will not see the private investigator travel the same path as the now Navy intelligence officer. Something will happen by the end of the season which will see them parted.

Veronica is on the Case…

In the fourth season Michael Lehmann directed premiere, ‘Spring Break Forever,’ a bomb goes off during spring break. Consequently, panic quickly spreads through the Neptune community. As a result of the bombing, because he feels partially responsible, Congressman Daniel Maloof (Mido Hamada) hires Mars Investigations to find the bomber.

Real estate is a powerful motivator in any city. Neptune is no exception to this rule. Because so-called mom-and-pop stores occupy locations on the boardwalk, being responsible for the initial bombings, Richard “Big Dick” Casablancas (David Starzyk) executes a campaign of terror to see these stores vacated. The death of the original bomber did not stop the bombings.

What’s with the Pizza-Guy?

Penn Epner (Patton Oswalt), while he seems like a nice guy, there is something seriously off about him. An aspect of a criminal mind, not that this is true with Epner, is that some people want in on the investigation. In the closing scene of the third episode, the Joaquin Sedillo directed ‘Keep Calm and Party On,’ another bomb explodes. Because it is thought the bomber is already dead, new shockwaves permeate the city. Is Epner responsible for the renewed bombings?

Patton Oswalt

Epner, a pizza-delivery guy and a true-crime aficionado, caught shrapnel from the first bombing. Consequently, this made the pizza-delivery guy an internet sensation. Because he rents out his home to spring breakers, he makes serious money when teens come to Neptune. Why would he want to destroy that? He is stilling pretty on a fortune.

The pizza-delivery guy accidentally delivering the wrong pizza to a bunch of spring break going fraternity brothers results in him being thrown into the ocean. Does the embracement from being tossed into the ocean warrant the engineering and planting of bombs? Revenge is a dish best served cold. Oswalt, possibly better known for voicing the narration for “The Goldbergs” and playing the Koenig brothers in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” presents a nuanced performance with multiple layers.

After Epner is done with the spring breakers, he turns his attention to Veronica. To exact his revenge on the private investigator, the pizza-delivery guy plants a bomb in Veronica’s car. Is Veronica Epner’s latest victim or does the bomb go off with someone else seated in the vehicle?

Veronica Mars
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Which Character Dies?

While killing off the title character of a television series is not something we typically see in a production, even though that is exactly what has happened in the final episode of the British crime drama “Inspector Morse,” this is not what we see with American productions. But when it comes to other major characters, that’s a different story.

New Cast Members…

Ryan Hansen

In addition to Oswalt, with the likes of J.K. Simmons, Tyler Alvarez and Clifton Collins Jr. as Clyde Pickett, Juan-Diego De La Cruz and Alonzo Lozano, respectively, the fourth season has some seriously talented actors join the cast. In the closing minutes of the season finale, Veronica is seen speaking with a therapist. The therapist is played by Battlestar Galactica’s Mary McDonnell.

Francis Capra

Final Thoughts…

Veronica Mars is a great series with believable characters. The talent on the production is apparent to anyone with a modicum of intelligence. There is real chemistry between cast members.

What are your thoughts pertaining to the new season? Do you think this is the end of the road for Veronica Mars or is it a new beginning? Which direction, if there is a fifth season of Veronica Mars, will the series go in?