New BBC period crime drama, Vienna Blood, has all the makings of a British classic with a psychoanalytic twist.

Vienna Blood, taking the series title from the Frank Tallis written novel of the same name, revolves around an English doctor, Max Liebermann, who becomes a student of the Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud. Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, remains to this day an remains influential force within the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy.

Vienna Blood
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Playing Max Liebermann is Matthew Beard. While Beard is possibly best known globally for playing Peter Hilton in the 2014 directed biographical thriller The Imitation Game, a production which Cumberbatch was seen playing the lead role in, it should be noted that the London born actor’s career has come a long way since he played Corporal Tony Wilton’s (Gary Love) son Matthew in the ITV military drama Soldier Soldier.

When Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt begins to have difficulty an unusual murder, he brings in Liebermann to help solve the case.

Vienna Blood
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Rheinhardt, appropriately played by Austrian actor Jürgen Maurer, is a dedicated police officer with many years of service under his belt but can’t fathom this latest puzzling murder. Consequently, while it’s going to require the detective to have a little patience with the doctor’s methodology, Rheinhardt hopes Liebermann’s help will bring the murderer to justice.

The series, set in the early-to-mid twentieth century, comes from Sherlock’s Steve Thompson. Inclusive of writing the teleplays for The Blind Banker, The Reichenbach Fall, and The Sign of Three, Thompson contributed his writing skills on several of the Benedict Cumberbatch/ Martin Freeman consulting detective drama.

A New BBC Production…

The BBC production, filmed on location in Vienna so that it would give the series an authentic vibe, features such talents as Conleth Hill, Charlene McKenna, Amelia Bullmore, and Jessica De Gouw.

Each of the people attached to Vienna Blood have significant talent. Hill, known as Lord Varys to anyone that watched the immensely popular HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones, played Edward Darby in USA Network’s Suits during the production’s second and third seasons. McKenna, no stranger to period crime drama, previously worked on Ripper Street. Bullmore was recently seen playing Eliza Priestley in the HBO period drama Gentleman Jack.

Even though De Gouw might be best known in these United States for playing Helena Bertinelli / The Huntress in Arrow, the actress is possibly best known for playing Constable Edie McElroy in the Australian crime drama Underbelly.

Source Material…

Vienna Blood
Frank Tallis. Image Credit: Frank Tallis
Vienna Blood
Image Credit: Frank Tallis

Vienna Blood, the second published instalment in Tallis’ Max Liebermann Papers Novels, hit bookstore shelves in 2006. Prior to this second novel, the writer introduced his characters to the world with the 2005 published novel Mortal Mischief.

With Fatal Lies arriving on bookstore shelves in 2008, the author also gave his readers Darkness Rising, Deadly Communion, Death and The Maiden, and Mephisto Waltz in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2018, respectively.

Despite the BBC not making an official announcement pertaining to when Vienna Blood will premiere, the series will hit television screens later this year.

Thompson will undoubtedly bring to this television series the same level of commitment to his writing that we saw with teleplays he wrote for Sherlock, Doctor Who, Jericho, and Deep State.