Wentworth Prison Returns 28 May 2019

Wentworth Prison Promotional Banner. Image Credit: Foxtel and IMDb.com
Wentworth Prison Promotional Banner. Image Credit: Foxtel and IMDb.com

Wentworth Prison, the Australian prison drama, returns to Australian television screens Tuesday, 28 May 2019 with its seventh season premiere. The seventh season premiere, “Blood Wedding,” sees the war between Wentworth inmates Marie Winter (Susie Porter) and Rita Connors (Leah Purcell) escalate significantly.

Is There A Seventh Season Trailer?

Series Recap

Anyone familiar with previous seasons of the series will recall Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe), viewers will know she went from prison governor to prison inmate and onto escapee. While Ferguson did escape from Wentworth via the workshop, she is deliberately buried alive. Consequently, Ferguson dies of suffocation. We know the identity of the perosn that saw off Ferguson but that is for you to discover on your own time.

With the investigation into Ferguson seemingly put to bed, Governor Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson) and her co-conspirators in the former governor’s demise, Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) and Jake Stewart (Bernard Curry), hope to breathe a sigh of relief. … At least for now.

In addition to Porter, Purcell, Atkinson, Magasiva and Curry, all the regulars: Celia Ireland, Katrina Milosevic, Tammy Macintosh, Kate Jenkinson and Rarriwuy Hick are present for the seventh season. Further to already established characters, David de Lautour and Rick Donald, joins the Wentworth Prison cast as Dr Greg Miller and Sean Brody, respectively.

In April 2018, Foxtel announced season seven. Further to the coming seventh season, the Foxtel has also committed itself a further season. The date for the eighth season is yet unknown.

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Source Material

The series, a re-imagining of Prisoner, was created for television by Lara Radulovich and Reg Watson. While the original series is more akin to a soap opera, Wentworth Prison is very much a drama. Wentworth Prison is absolutely for drama fans. There is no question about that. It is what it is.

Almost every country has a prison set television series. There are British and American prison set dramas but no one does it quites like the Austrailians. Relatively speaking, the Australian series is a cross between the Netflix series Orange is the New Black and the HBO series Oz. Unlike Wentworth Prison, Oz is set in an American men’s correctional facility.

Wentworth’s prison inmates feature a mix of misfits every bit as eclectic as that seen in Orange is the New Black and Oz. While many Americans might prefer the Netflix series, Wentworth Prison has a higher degree of drama.

Wentworth Prison Promotional Poster. Image Credit: Foxtel and IMDb.com
Wentworth Prison Promotional Poster from the First Season. Image Credit: Foxtel and IMDb.com

Wentworth Prison is more than just another captivating drama. It quintessently embodies the best qualities of Australian television. Nothing, not even the original series, comes close to the narratives we see in this Foxtel series. It’s exciting television. Series writers are constantly exploring new ways to challenge fan’s expectations. It is bold, unrelenting and unashamedly Australian.

The original series, with no fewer than 692 episodes, began in 1979 and came to an end in 1986. Prisoner, known in the British Isles as Prisoner: Cell Block H, saw a global cult following.

VPN (Virual Private Network)

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Wentworth Prison returns Tuesday, 28 May 2019 on Foxtel.