Haft way through the current season, the drama in the Australian prison series Wentworth is heating to a boiling point. With the intensity of each episode increasing as the season progresses, there is little to wonder about as to the reasons for the series having been picked up for another season.

Wentworth Promotional Poster for seaon six. Image Credit: IMDb and Foxtel.
Wentworth Promotional Poster for seaon six. Image Credit: IMDb and Foxtel.

In the closing moments of the previous episode, Karen, Kaz Proctor (Tammy Macintosh) is suddenly attacked and killed as she walks back to H-1. The assailant slits Kaz’s throat. Before the episode ends, Kaz is seen writing the letter M on the floor with her own blood.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to see the latest episode of Wentworth, stop reading now. There are spoilers ahead.

The episode begins with Wentworth Governor Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson) discovering Kaz’s dead body. Vera had noticed the repositioning of a camera moments before discovering the body. Even though Vera is the first prison official to happen upon Kaz’s body, later in the episode, it is indicated Liz Birdsworth (Celia Ireland) discovered the body first but immediately suffered a psychotic break because of what she found.

Screen Capture: Kate Atkinson as Vera Bennett in the Wentworth episode “Ascension”

After finding a camera had been repositioned away from covering the corridor, because of the shock at discovering Kaz’s dead body, it takes her a moment to fully realise what she’s looking at. Once she bringers herself out of the shock, the governor calls a Code-Black-Lockdown of the correctional facility.

Understanding the nature of a Code-Black-Lockdown, while the women know someone within the prison walls is dead, they are not immediately apprised as to the identity of that person.

Screen Capture: Robbie Magasiva as Will Jackson in the Wentworth episode “Ascension”

When Acting Governor Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) arrives on the scene, on seeing Vera standing guard at the door, he immediately wants to why she is not working on Kaz. “It’s no good,” Vera tells Will. “… It’s too late.” The shock on Will’s face is telling. The acting governor and Kaz had an emotional connection.

Where’s Kaz? …

Screen Capture: Leah Purcell as Rita Connors in the Wentworth episode "Ascension." In the background, played by Kate Atkinson, is Vera Bennett.

Rita Connors (Leah Purcell), since the Code-Black-Lockdown commenced, is the first person to ask where Kaz is. Everyone on H-1 is in a state of shock when they discover Kaz is dead. Because of her personal connection to Kaz, Will informs Allie Novak (Kate Jenkinson) of Kaz’s death.

Observation Room…

While Vera noticed one of the cameras in the H-Block corridor had been repositioned, it is noted four other cameras were redirected away from covering the comings and goings of H-Block prisoners. Detective Trevor Minton (Steve Mouzakis) intends to interview all the women resident of H-Block.

At this point, Vera believes none of the women knows Kaz wrote M on the floor. Holding this information back from the women will possibly ensure that they will not jump to any erroneous conclusions.

While the cameras do not pick up an image of the murderer’s face, there is an image of a bloodstained hoodie. Because of the blood spray, it would have been impossible for the assailant to get away from the scene without getting blood on their clothing.

The Police Bring the Dogs In…

Police carry out a complete and thorough search of H-Block for the bloodstained hoodie but find nothing. During the search, Sue ‘Boomer’ Jenkins (Katrina Milosevic) takes a moment to speak with Jake Stewart (Bernard Curry) about the possibility of having some kind of memorial. Even though the prison officer cannot promise anything concrete, Jake does say that he will run it past the acting governor for his approval.

Screen Capture: Leah Purcell as Rita Connors in the Wentworth episode “Ascension.”

Rita notes the absence of Narelle Stang (Morgana O’Reilly) from H-1. According to Jake, Narelle is in the Protection-Unit and she will not be back. Because Narelle wanted Rita to kill Kaz, the former police officer jumps to the conclusion she must have had someone else commit the murder. Rita does not yet know her sister, Ruby Mitchell (Rarriwuy Hick), went to Narelle because she wanted to know what could be done to get Rita free of being blackmailed. “Stang and Kaz had history,” Rita tells H-1. “She wanted Kaz dead.”

Kaz’s Memorial…

Screen Capture: Taken from the Wentworth episode “Ascension.”

Because Kaz was fondly thought of by most of H-1, the unit holds a memorial for her in the exercise yard. When Allie speaks of Kaz and what she meant to her, it’s a touching moment.

“Kaz save my life. She saved a lot of us. We counted on her,” Allie said, “not because she was Top Dog. She was our friend. Being in here is really hard. It’s scary and it’s lonely. Sometimes you just need someone in your corner. Kaz was always there …”

When Marie Winter (Susie Porter) is brought to the exercise yard, Kaz’s former crew does find it difficult to accept her presence. They believe she killed Kaz. Consequently, because the crew try to start trouble with Marie, Allie steps in to protect her friend.

In the Dining Hall…

Screen Capture: Artemis Ioannides and Susie Porter as Vicky Kosta and Marie Winter, respectively, in the Wentworth episode “Ascension.”

In the absence of any real authority figure, Vicky Kosta (Artemis Ioannides) is making a play for Top Dog. Will the women support Vicky as Top Dog? Vicky is doing her best to get the women on her side, but because she is the one bringing drugs to the prison, there are women that will never support her ascension.

Reviewing the Footage…

When Will returns to the Observation Room, Vera is reviewing camera footage of H-Block. She finds a segment of footage where Marie can be seen wearing a hoodie. In another segment, not long after, she is not wearing the hoodie. Consequently, because Kaz tried to kill Marie on more than one occasion, Vera believes Marie murdered Kaz as payback. Vera shows Will what she’s found. Based on his facial expression, he seems to believe what she’s telling him. Is Marie responsible for Kaz’s death? Even though there is not much evidence to speak of, it all points in Marie’s direction.

Questioning Marie Winter…

From the way the evidence is stacking up against Marie, it looks like the detectives want her for the murder. Everyone is thinking the M is obviously a reference to Marie. Consequently, that is blinded them to other possibilities. The M Kaz wrote, if it is an M, could just as easily stand for Mitchell as it could Marie. Why does everyone think its an M? Is the M possible a W? Even if it were a W, not that it’s not an M, the prime suspect would be Marie because her last name is Winter.

Once a Cop, Always a Cop…

Rita cannot stop herself from thinking like a cop. Because of this, Rita wants to solve the murder. “If it wasn’t Marie or Stang,” Boomer said, “Who the f*** was it?” Even though no one seems to know the answer, Ruby’s facial expression indicates she might know something pertinent but is not willing to share it with the other women.

Screen Capture: Leah Purcell as Rita Connors in the Wentworth episode “Ascension.”

Is Ruby tired or does she know something about Kaz’s murder? Rita might be too close to Ruby to see something is bothering her. Did Ruby kill Kaz or does she think Rita committed the murder? Because Rita told Ruby Narelle wanted Kaz dead, Ruby might think her sister went through with killing Kaz. Despite this, Rita also told her sister she no longer has a stomach for killing.

Could Ruby be responsible for Kaz’s death? Because she wanted to protect her sister, Ruby did go to Narelle to settle things between her and Rita. Was the cost of Narelle remaining silent about Rita having been a police officer Kaz’s life?

A Second Interview…

When Jake takes Ruby for a police interview, Rita wants to know why she is being seen by detectives for a second time. What do the detectives want with Ruby? Did Ruby kill Kaz in Rita’s place?

Screen Capture: Rarriwuy Hick as Ruby Mitchell in the Wentworth episode “Ascension.”

Later, Rita is seen asking Ruby about her second interview. Rita wants to know if there were any problems. While many viewers, myself included may have initially thought Ruby agreed to kill Kaz in Rita’s place, she merely took Narelle’s charges. This is why Narelle is in protective custardy. She will soon be released. Consequently, as long as she does not say anything to anyone, Rita is safe.

At Breakfast…

Vicky is spoiling for a fight. Because she desperately wants the Top Dog position, Vicky wants the women to see her being intimidating. Even though this bravado might impress the newer less experienced prisoners, people such as Boomer, Liz and Ruby are not buying into her b*llsh*t. Marie is not impressed by Vicky’s antics.

Allie is Right about Vicky…

Drugs are still being brought into the prison via carrier crow. Dead crows are being dropped into the prison yard from hovering drones. The drugs are being hidden inside the carcasses.  When Allie sees Vicky and her crew retrieve another dead crow from the yard, she follows. Allie soon discovers the drugs are being hidden in the ceiling of the prison library. Is Allie right? Did Vicky kill Kaz?

Did Liz kill Kaz?

Liz approaches the area where Kaz’s body was found. It looks like she is in the midst of a psychological break. Something is seriously wrong but Boomer does not understand her friend’s issues. It seems Liz believes herself responsible for Kaz’s death. After being walked back to H-1 from Medical, she remembers looking for Kaz.

Screen Capture: Celia Ireland as Liz Birdsworth in the Wentworth episode “Ascension.”

Later, in her cell, Liz speaks to Boomer about her medical condition. It is increasingly worse. If it comes to it, Liz wants Boomer’s help to die without loss of dignity. Boomer doesn’t want to hear it but Liz insists that she think about it. Despite this, because Boomer might be getting her parol, she declines Liz’s request.

The Detective Interviews Liz…

Screen Capture: Steve Mouzakis as Detective Russell Minton in the Wentworth episode “Ascension.”

The detective seems to approach questioning Liz as if he wants to pin the murder on her. He wants a clean and dry case because it will look good on his statistics. From the way the detective looks at Dr Greg Miller (David de Lautour), he does not appreciate the psychiatrist inserting himself into the interview. It’s clear, from the way Minton presents his questions about moving the cameras, he wants Liz to admit moving them so that he can wrap up the case.

Screen Capture: David de Lautour as Dr Greg Miller in the Wentworth episode “Ascension.” Facing away from the camera, played by Kate Atkinson and Robbie Magasiva, is Vera Bennett and Will Jackson, respectively.

Liz knew about the writing on the floor. She must have been at the scene either before Kaz was murdered or immediately afterwards. Greg raises a valid point which proves Liz could not have been responsible for Kaz’s death. “Moving the cameras demonstrates rational premeditation,” Greg tells Vera and Will. “Liz could only have attacked Kaz in a psychotic state. There is no way she did this.”

In the Library…

Screen Capture: Artemis Ioannides as Vicky Kosta in the episode “Ascension.”

When it appears no one is looking, Vicky and her mates try to retrieve the drugs they stashed in the library ceiling. When they are retrieving the drugs, Will, Jake and Linda walk in on them red handed. In addition to finding a significant quantity of drugs stashed in the ceiling, Jake finds a bloodstained hoodie. From the bloodstain on the hoodie sleeve, it is the one shown in the video footage from earlier in the episode.

Screen Capture: Bernard Curry as Jake Stewart in the episode “Ascension.”

Even though Vicky is being charged with Kaz’s murder, because Allie told Marie where Vicky keeps her drug stash, she could have planted the hoodie in the ceiling cavity for prison officials to find. What is the plausibility Marie is the killer? The clothing the prisoners are issued has the name of the prisoner printed on the inside. Could Marie’s name be the one printed on the inside of this hoodie? When Will takes a closer look at the hoodie, he holds it at such an angle on he can see what he’s looking at.

Who will be the Next Top Dog?

In the Dining Room, Boomer tries to talk Rita in running for the now-vacant Top Dog position. Liz correctly observes the women are going to need someone that can make the tough decisions. That person cannot be Vicky. Unfortunately for Boomer and Liz, Rita does not want the job.

Screen Capture: Kate Jenkinson as Allie Novak in the episode “Ascension.”

Allie supports Marie for the position because she sees in her everything that Kaz was. She places her bowl at Marie’s table. This is an indication Allie has given Marie her vote for Top Dog. One by one, the women approach Marie’s table and place their bowls down next to the one Allie placed on the table. The votes are in. Marie has ascended to the Top Dog position.

Screen Capture: Taken from the episode “Ascension.”

In the closing seconds of the episode, we see Marie re-bandaging a wound on her arm. The wound corresponds perfectly with the bloodstain on the hoodie found in the library ceiling. It looks like Marie orchestrated Vicky’s fall from grace. Does this also mean she killed Kaz?

Screen Capture: Susie Porter as Marie Winter in the episode “Ascension.”