At the tail end of the previous Wentworth episode, “Mother,” we saw Ruby Mitchell (Rarriwuy Hick) collapse after an apparent epileptic seizure. The seizure, not that anyone in the prison is aware of it yet, was brought on by the drug Marie Winter (Susie Porter) placed in Ruby’s food when everyone’s attention was on Sue ‘Boomer’ Jenkins (Katrina Milosevic) and her mother, May Jenkins (Anni Finsterer). ‘Bad Blood’ picks up the story immediately after the events of the previous episode.


Wentworth Promotional Poster for seaon six. Image Credit: IMDb and Foxtel.
Wentworth Promotional Poster for seaon six. Image Credit: IMDb and Foxtel.

SPOILERS ALERT: If you have not seen the latest episode, stop reading. There are spoilers ahead.

Rita Connors’ (Leah Purcell) request to be with her sister, Ruby, at the hospital was denied. The denial was influenced by Marie. Because Marie was not able to visit with her son when he was in the hospital, she felt it would be unfair to allow Rita visitation rights.

Because of Marie’s provocation in the exercise yard, Rita attempts an escape by scaling the fence. She accidentally slashes her arm open on the wire at the top of the fence. Consequently, as a result of her attempted escape, Rita is slotted.


Not long after Rita arriving in solitary confinement, Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson) visits her to see how she is feeling in the wake of her sister having to undergo a dangerous medical operation. The prison governor wants to know why it is Rita is refusing pain relief.

Boomer’s Day Release…

In the previous episode, Boomer had a day release. Because her sister was not available to take charge of her for the day, May took responsibility for bringing Boomer back to Wentworth. While the day went well for Boomer, it turned into a nightmare when she discovered her mother’s so-called business was supplied by stolen goods.

May’s bestselling item in her online store catalogue is baby formula. She told Boomer that she bought the baby formula from the local supermarket and sold it online at a 300 per cent mark-up. While selling the baby formula online at a 300 per cent mark-up might be true, buying the product from the supermarket was stretching the truth. The truth is she was stealing it. Boomer had no idea her mother was stealing the baby formula.

When May exited the store with a shopping cart full of baby formula, it was obvious there was something wrong. The product she had in the cart was not in the store’s bags. As soon as May was at the car, she began insisting Boomer start the engine. The reason May wanted to rush away from the store was obvious. Because Boomer had her eyes on a man standing close to the store entrance, she was in no hurry. Consequently, when store security exited the building, they were immediately able to catch up with both May and Boomer. Subsequently, May is now a resident of H-1 with her daughter Boomer.


May Blames Boomer for her Being in Prison…

May blames her daughter for her own predicament. Did Boomer force May to load up her shopping cart with baby formula and attempt to steal it from the supermarket? Is Boomer responsible for her mother’s actions? May has been probably stealing baby formula from every store in the neighbourhood.

Later, Boomer catches May in Ruby’s cell. She is looking through Ruby’s things to see what she wants to take. Earlier in the day, Boomer was telling Dr Greg Miller (David de Lautour) she had hoped her mother had changed her ways, but from the way May is behaving, May is still the self-centred kleptomaniac she has always been.

How Compromised is the acting Governor?

From the way Marie speaks with acting Governor Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva), she has him wrapped around her little finger. It is only a matter of time before Marie starts telling Will how high he needs to jump.

How compromised, considering how easily Marie talked Will into not allowing Rita a hospital visit, is the Wentworth’s acting governor? As Will creeps into H-3 in the dead of night, unbeknownst to him, Allie Novak (Kate Jenkinson) observes him leave the unit with Marie. What will Allie do with this information? Will she share it with Vera?

Jake wants to Talk to Sean…

Elsewhere in the prison, Sean Brody (Rick Donald) runs into Jake Stewart (Bernard Curry) when he’s doing his rounds. Jake is there to convince Sean to withdraw his allegations against him for sexual harassment. Jake opens himself up to doing anything it takes to get Sean to not tank his career as a prison officer. Consequently, Sean wants Jake to prove it to him.

With no choice, Jake has sex with Sean. Later, when Sean is in the locker room, we discover Jake recorded a video on his cell phone of what happened between himself and Sean. Jake sent the video clip to Sean because he has no qualms blackmailing the new prison officer into doing what he wants.

Sean's Cellphone

If this video is seen by anyone the prison officers, specifically Vera, Linda Miles (Jacqueline Brennan) and Will, Sean’s future at Wentworth will be history. Despite this, this same could be said for Jake’s prison career.

Vera Takes Rita to the Hospital…


Even though Will refused Rita a hospital visit, Vera takes it upon herself to take Rita to the hospital. Because this is not a sanctioned visit, Rita’s absence from Wentworth could be construed as being a prison break. If she is discovered missing from solitary confinement before Vera has an opportunity to get her back to the prison, the prison governor could find herself being a resident of the prison. While it is unusual for a prison governor to go from being staff to becoming a prisoner within the walls of the prison they worked at, it has occurred at least once before.


Later, Rita discovers there has been a complication with her sister’s operation. Despite there being complications, Ruby gets through surgery well. Moments later, because of a nightmare, a new complication arises. Seated by Ruby’s bedside, Rita calls to her sister to wake up. In Ruby’s dream, she hears Rita’s call and awakens.


Vera gets Ruby back to solitary confinement before anyone noticed she was missing. Unfortunately, a moment after Vera opens Rita’s cell door, the prisoner sees Will. The acting governor is standing at the entrance to the unit. From the expression on his face, he knows exactly what Vera did. What will Will do?