The tension is heating up at the Wentworth Correctional Centre as we inch ever closer to the two-part seventh season finale, Under Siege Parts 1 & 2. What do you think thus far? Please comment and tell us what you think.

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SPOILERS ALERT: If you have yet to see the latest episode of Wentworth, stop reading now. There are spoilers ahead.

In the closing seconds of the previous episode, ‘Bad Blood,’ acting Wentworth Governor Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) discovers Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson) returning Rita Connors (Leah Purcell) to solitary confinement after taking the prisoner to see her sister, Ruby Mitchell (Rarriwuy Hick), at the hospital. Will had previous denied Rita a hospital visit. Despite the acting governor’s decision, even it was influenced by Marie Winter (Susie Porter) not having been allowed to see her son at the hospital before his death, Vera took Rita to the hospital.

What is Marie Winter doing?

In the open scene, it is the early hours of the morning and Linda Miles (Jacqueline Brennan) is covering the graveyard shift at the Wentworth Correctional Centre because she has a serious gambling problem. Near by, in her cell, Marie can be seen reviewing the information she printed from her online files.


In a previous episode, when Marie was in the infirmary, she successfully talked Will into letting her access the internet so that she could print off a few documents which would aid her with her appeal. The documentation includes photographs showing an influential person in a compromising position. Little does the acting governor know the prisoner is using the documents to blackmail her way out of prison.

A Few Hours Later…

When Vera visits Will’s office to get Ruby’s discharge papers, we learn that it has been a few weeks since the prison officer took Rita out of the prison to visit her sister. Consequently, the acting governor is giving Vera the silent treatment.


“If you were anyone else,” Will said to Vera. “I would have fired you, but you knew I wouldn’t do that, and you took advantage of that.”

While Will is justifiably angry at Vera for taking Rita out of the prison, imagine how Vera would react if she knew the acting governor is engaged in a sexual relationship with Marie Winter. Consequently, neither Will nor Vera can claim the higher ground.

Later, when Vera speaks with Rita about her sister, the prison officer says there was something unusual found in her blood when a toxicology report came back. A few seconds later, Rita is seen entering Allie Novak’s (Kate Jenkinson) cell. Rita asks Allie if she has ever known Ruby to have ever used Rohypnol. Allie immediately jumps to the conclusion Marie must have drugged Ruby.

Allie reveals to Rita that Marie got herself placed in the infirmary so that she could get to Ruby. Even though Allie got Marie slotted because of her intent to harm Ruby, Rita wants to know why it is Allie did not mention this incident to her earlier. Allie thought she had taken care of the issue. Consequently, there was no need to involve Rita. Rita tells Marie that if she tries anything when Ruby returns to Wentworth, she will be meeting up with her son sooner than she thinks.

In the laundry, Allie confronts Marie about drugging Ruby. Allie also tells the women that she lied about where Marie was the night Kaz Proctor (Tammy Macintosh) was murdered because she did not want to see the new Top Dog being attacked. Rita correctly observes Allie is being brave confronting Marie the way she did.

In Dr Greg Miller’s Office…


Liz Birdsworth (Celia Ireland) is distressed because the medical board is forcing Dr Greg Miller (David de Lautour) to discontinue Liz’s medications. The prisoner is rightfully concerned about how soon her symptoms will return. Unfortunately, Greg cannot give Liz a definite answer. While it could be a week before her symptoms return, Greg said that it could be as short as a few days.

Even though Greg is the one that did not follow protocol by not documenting the side effects of her medications, Liz is the one being punished for the psychiatrist’s mistake. The mistake only came to light because Jake Stewart (Bernard Curry) was becoming increasingly jealous of Vera’s friendship with Greg. In a previous episode, Jake accessed Liz’s medical files, took a picture of the relevant documentation and reported Greg to the medical board for misconduct.


Later, Liz receives a letter. From her reaction, even though we do not get to see its content, it looks like the letter could be from her son. When Liz speaks with Jake later that day, she confirms that the letter was from her son. She has not seen her son since she was in prison, but because some arsehole dobbed the psychiatrist into the medical board, Greg was forced to take her off the medications. Little does Liz realise it was Jake that dobbed Greg into the medical board.

In a second meeting with Greg, Liz begs him for the medication so that she could retain her memories. She wants her son to see her in a good light. Liz successfully manipulates Greg into giving her the medications she needs.

Is Jane Bell the new Nurse?


Did anyone else notice what the nurse wrote after treating Rita? She wrote Marie Winter. Rita was only in the infirmary to get her bandage change, but that does not mean the nurse should not get the names of her patients right. When Rita left the room, she addressed  Jane Bell (Fiona Harris) by name. She did not respond. Was she was too busy writing the wrong name or that did she simply not recognise the name Rita addressed her by because it is not her name?

Later, when the real Marie Winter is in the infirmary, the new nurse insists on taking a blood sample. She said that it’s new regulations, but there is something inky about this nurse. She does not seem to know her arse from her elbow. Rita noticed this when she was in the infirmary earlier in the day. Consequently, to get herself taken to the infirmary for a second time, Rita forces herself to vomit on clothes in the laundry. Subsequently, Linda escorts the prisoner to the infirmary.


Bell is not so much a nurse as she is an assassin. She is there to kill Marie because of all the trouble she is causing for certain influential people. Marie’s unlikely saviour is Rita. Rita stops the nurse from injecting Marie, but when Linda rushes into the infirmary, Bell tries to play the victim. She says the prisoners were wanting drugs.

To Vera’s surprise, Rita backs up Marie’s story. When Vera asks the acting governor what the nurse said, Will had nothing to tell her because Bell absconded from the building almost as soon as her attempt to kill Marie failed. After the cops reviewed the CCTV footage from the infirmary, they identify the nurse as a criminal with convictions for assault. The police also find a hotshot under one of the beds. Will believes that Bell was there to kill Marie.


“Do you think Marie Winter is just a grieving mother?” Vera asks Will. The acting governor has no response.

Shortly after speaking with Vera, Will goes directly to solitary confinement to ask Marie what’s going on.  Will wants to know why people want Marie dead, but she is not being honest with her answers.

When Rita is taken out of the slot, she tells Vera she might want to keep an eye on Will because there is something going on between him and the Top Dog. When Vera says, because Marie is Top Dog, that’s normal, Rita informs the prison officer that Will has been taking Marie out of her cell in the middle of the night.

Later, Vera views CCTV footage. It looks like she is trying to verify what Rita said earlier in the day. Vera tracks Will’s movements and sees him take Marie from her cell. What are they doing? Is Will rooting Marie? That’s a rhetorical question. We already know he is. It should not take long for Vera to arrive at the truth.

Linda Miles has a Serious Problem…


In the staff breakroom, Linda is at her whit’s end. What does she expect? The acting deputy governor is trusting Sean Brody (Rick Donald) to give her reliable horseracing tips. Consequently, she is deep in debt and has little to no hope of climbing out of the hole she dug herself.

As Linda leaves the breakroom, Sean tells Jake that it’s not his fault the acting deputy governor is a sore loser. Sean is equally duplicitous as he is charming. While Will, Vera, and Linda does not know the true Sean, Jake sees though the disarming smile. Jake knows what Sean is really like because they both previously worked together at the same correctional facility. Can Jake help Linda get out from under Sean’s thumb?

Boomer’s Mother…

Sue ‘Boomer’ Jenkins (Katrina Milosevic) discovers her mother is using drugs again. Consequently, Boomer feels May Jenkins (Anni Finsterer) is slipping back into her old ways. When Jake orders May out of the cell, having seen the condition she’s in, his immediate reaction is to slot her. While a spell in solitary confinement might be good for May, Boomer and Liz talk the prison officer into letting her stay in H-1 with them. Jake tells the women that May cannot work in her condition. She must sleep it off.

In the Exercise Yard…


Now that Marie owes Rita for saving her, Marie agrees to not harm Ruby when she returns from the hospital. Vicky Costa (Artemis Ioannides) is angry at Rita for saving Marie.

Soon thereafter, when Ruby arrives back at Wentworth from the hospital, Rita tells her sister it was Allie that saved her life. Allie gave information to a prison officer and Marie subsequently saw a night in the slot. On her way to solitary confinement, Marie saw Allie. They both knew what the other had done. It was Allie’s actions that saved Ruby. Will Marie forgive Allie? Does Allie care?

Later, when Allie visits with Ruby, Ruby apologies for her behaviour. Allie jumps from one relationship to the next because she is afraid of being alone.

The Visitor’s Room…

Liz finally gets to meet with her son for the first time since she has been in Wentworth. The joy on Liz’s face is readily apparent. She has not seen Artie Birdsworth (Louis Corbett) the entire time she has been in prison. This could be the first time Artie as ever seen the side of a correctional facility. He seems nervous.


After Liz returns to the exercise yard, when she tries to explain to Boomer what happened with her son during the visit, May repeatedly interrupts them. An argument between Boomer and her mother soon ensues. May resorts to taking one of her shoes off and begins hitting Boomer with it. This was too much for Liz. Liz steps between Boomer and May. After pushing May to the ground, Liz tells her that if she hurts Boomer, she will hurt her. Rarely do we see Liz get physical with anyone, but when she does, its epic.

The Court Hearing…

Marie is attending a court hearing to overturn her conviction. On route to the hearing, Sean has Linda step out of the van shuttling Marie to court. When Linda asks him what he’s doing, he tells her to go with it and her gambling debt will disappear. Consequently, Linda steps from the van and Sean drives away.

After Sean arrives at an unidentified area. The prison officer meets with Michael Heston (David Downer) as soon as he gets out of the van. You should recognise Michael from media reports shown on television. This is the man Marie has been causing significant trouble for during the past few episodes. Immediately after pressing the button to close the door to the garage, Sean leaves the building so that he can keep watch. By now, Marie should know she’s in serious trouble.


Because of the incriminating evidence Marie against Michael, she has been a significant thorn in his side. He consequently whats her gone. Michael has come to realise, if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself.

When Marie talks about her attorney having incriminating photographs, Michael shows her a news article pertaining to the death of her lawyer. Was the lawyer the only person to have a copy of the images Marie gave him?  Is Marie bluffing or does someone else have the images?

Sean tells Marie that Michael plans to bust her out of prison. What will happen at Wentworth? How does Michael plan to get Marie out of prison? What role to Sean play in the grand scheme? Next week’s episode is the beginning of the two-part season finale.