What’s new in Wentworth? The first instalment of Wentworth’s two-part seventh season finale, the Kevin Carlin directed ‘Under Siege Pt 1,’ hit Australian television screens Tuesday, 23 July 2019. The drama in this ninth episode, with a teleplay written by John Ridley, is increased ad infinitum.

In the previous episode, we discovered Wentworth prison officer Sean Brody (Rick Donald) is working with Michael Heston (David Downer). Because of what Marie Winter (Susie Porter) has on Heston, he wants her dead. Consequently, when Brody takes Marie out of the prison to a supposed hearing, on route to the court, the prison officer persuades Wentworth’s Acting Deputy Governor Linda Miles (Jacqueline Brennan) to get out of the vehicle. With Linda believing her gambling debts will be forgiven if she complies with Brody, she steps from the Wentworth vehicle and watches as Brody drives away.


Instead of arriving at the courthouse, we find Brody meeting up with Heston. While Heston might think himself clever, he should seriously consider how duplicitous Marie is before trying to take her out. Because Heston thinks the only person with a copy of the incriminating images was the now-dead attorney. Did Marie share the images with someone else? Can Heston take the risk of killing Marie? While Marie could be telling the truth, she might be lying. What is the likelihood of Marie telling the truth?

Meanwhile, Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson) decides to investigate Rita Connors’ (Leah Purcell) claims that Wentworth Acting Governor Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) might be compromised.

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After reviewing CCTV footage showing the acting governor taking Marie out of her cell in the middle of the night, Vera plans the next phase of her plan to catch Will red-handed.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to watch the Kevin Carlin directed Wentworth episode ‘Under Siege Part 1, please stop. There are spoilers ahead.

The ninth episode begins with a scene in the CCTV surveillance room. While we do not completely see the person’s face, considering what we saw in the previous episode, the individual in the room is most likely Vera. On the monitors, we can see the acting governor walking down corridors with a torch in hand to light the way. Will takes Marie from her cell.


Meanwhile, the sound of a telephone ringing emanates from Will’s office. Someone enters the room and removes the telephone receiver from its position and opens a direct like to anther part of the building. Moments later, Will and Marie enter the office. Not noticing the telephone, Will and Marie are too busy rooting. On the other end of the open telephone line, we see Vera listening in on what’s happening in the acting governor’s office. From the sounds Vera hears, she knows Will is rooting Marie.

What does Brody have on Linda?

The following morning, in the parking lot to the correctional facility, Linda can be seen seated in her car. She is not happy. From the way she’s behaving, it is evident Brody has double-crossed the acting deputy governor. Close by, fellow Wentworth prison officer Jake Stewart (Bernard Curry) as just arrived at the facility. He knows that “whatever’s going on, it has something to do with Sean.” Can Jake help the acting deputy governor?


Linda tells Jake that she “made a deal with Sean to wipe the debt, but the pick has backed out.” When the prison officer asks about the deal, Linda is not forthcoming with any pertinent information. Linda knows that if she tells him what transpired on route to the courthouse, she might be in serious trouble. She does not know if she can trust Jake with that kind of information. Because we know more about Jake’s background than Linda does, Jake’s trustworthiness is not a question. Linda can trust him with anything relating to Sean because Jake wants to see him gone from Wentworth. As Jake tries to console Linda, we see Vera walk past. Vera has a clear objective because she does not see either Jake or Linda as she passes by the car.

Does Will know Vera knows?

Shortly after walking into the building, Vera is entering Will’s office with a transfer order for Marie Winter. Vera wants Marie out of Wentworth because she knows the acting governor is under her influence. Will tries to use Vera’s recent guideline violation against her, but he fails. While it is true Vera ignored prison protocol and took Rita to see Ruby Mitchell (Rarriwuy Hick) at the hospital, she is neither rooting one of the prisoners nor did she bury anyone alive. This is not something Will can say he didn’t do. Will knows he’s f***ed.


Later, Will tells Vera he’s in love with Marie. Vera tells Will that he has until the end of the next day to sign the transfer order. She does not tell him what will happen if he does not sign it, but we can guess that she will go to the prison board with the information she has on Will and Marie.

In the locker room, it looks like Brody is setting up Marie’s escape from Wentworth. Shortly after handing up from his suspicious cell phone call, Brody speaks with Linda about getting assigned to the visitor’s entrance. Because she is tired of being screwed over, Linda initially tells Brody the roster is locked. Brody tells the acting deputy governor that “if she does this, one day, it will all be over.” Linda does not know what she’s getting herself into with Brody.

Who is Liz’s Mystery Visitor?

It is finally time for Liz Birdsworth’s (Celia Ireland) mystery visit. Because of her condition, her memories have started to fragment. Consequently, she initially thinks Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) is the mystery visitor. When Liz speaks of Bea, Sue ‘Boomer’ Jenkins (Katrina Milosevic) and Jake should have known that there is something wrong, but neither the prison officer not the prisoner picks up he signs. Boomer thinks Liz is joking when she asks if the mystery visitor is Bea, but Liz instantly knows her memories are fading.


In the visitation room, Liz finds the mystery visitor is Franky Doyle (Nicole da Silva). It feels like it’s been forever since we last saw Franky in an episode of Wentworth. The last time we saw Franky, if memory serves, was in the 2018 Fiona Banks directed episode ‘Bleed Out.’ That was back in season six. Where has Franky been all this time?

From the way Liz looks at Franky, it is obvious she doesn’t know her. Any memories Liz had of Franky being in Wentworth are now gone. As their conversion progresses, Franky suddenly realises Liz doesn’t know who she is. This realisation is painful for both Liz and Franky. Because of Liz’s worsening condition, Franky meets with Boomer to ask her wants going on. It comes as a huge shock to Boomer to find Liz is not getting better. Boomer doesn’t understand how Liz could not remember Franky.

A visit to the Doctor’s office…

Later, Liz goes to Dr Greg Miller’s (David de Lautour) office to speak with the Wentworth psychiatrist. She tells him of Franky’s visit. Liz explains to Greg that she did not know who her visitor was because she could not remember her. Consequently, because of her memory lapses, Liz wants back on her original dosage. Even though Greg is reluctant to put the prisoner back on her original dosage, Liz tells the doctor she can’t see her son in her current condition. She needs her memories of her son. Greg is giving Liz the medications under the table because he was supposed to have taken her off it when he was reprimanded by the medical board for not documenting the side effects.

Liz is not the only H-1 resident experiencing issues. While May Jenkins (Anni Finsterer) is having stomach problems, Ruby is finding the side effects of her recent surgery has left her significantly weaker than she once was. It looks like she will never be able to step into the boxing ring again.

Artie visits his Mother…

Artie Birdsworth

The following day, when Artie Birdsworth (Louis Corbett) visits the prison, Liz tells him of her condition. Because of her rapid deuteriation, she asks her son not to visit her again. Arty does not understand why his mother would not want him to visit her but he complies with her wishes.

What is Brody doing?


Brody escorts two prison officers into medical. When Rita asks one of them if they “are her ride,” because she does not receive a response, the prisoner immediately detects that there is something inky about what’s happening. As a former police officer, Rita has a nose for trouble.

Close by, in the laundry, the women are completely oblivious to anything going on in medical. Medical is only a few feet away from the laundry department. Boomer tries to stop her mother from getting her hands on the drugs Vicky Kosta (Artemis Ioannides) is smuggling into the prison. Linda wants to know what’s going on, but Boomer covers for May.

It is evident to Allie Novak (Kate Jenkinson) Ruby is not up for working in the laundry. Consequently, she wants to see her friend taken to medical. As Ruby arrives in medical, Marie sees her opportunity for revenge. Ruby killed Marie’s son. Consequently, Marie wants Ruby dead. The vendetta Marie has against Ruby puts a serious kink in the plan. Brody is not remotely happy with Marie, but he agrees to give the five minutes she wants.


Shortly after, as Brody takes Marie to where Ruby was heading, Vera enters medical with Liz. On seeing Marie, Vera immediately wants to know what she’s doing in medical. Something is seriously off about the entire situation and Vera knows it. Rita discreetly motions Vera’s attention towards the two prison officers that are there to escort her to the courthouse.

Are these real prison officers?

It does not take Vera long to notice the two prison officers are not wearing name tags. She consequently wants to see their identification. The intended prison break turns into a full-scale hostage situation. Brody tries to talk his way out of the situation, but it’s evident that everything is spiralling out of control.

As Vera continues to question what’s going on, the situation becomes increasingly problematic for Brody and Marie. There is no way Brody is going to get Marie out of the prison with Vera breathing down his neck. Vera insists on seeing identification from the prison officers. One of the officers pulls a gun and the door to the room is abruptly shut. Rita wants to know what’s going on, but Marie says nothing.

Nearby, a prison officer is about to strip search Liz at Vera’s direction. Liz’s condition is worsening minute by minute. Meanwhile, Vera is not going anywhere because she is being restrained.


Fearful of being sent to the psych unit, Liz rushes out of the room into the admissions corridor. In the confusion, as a prison officer tries to control Liz, Brody steps into the corridor to see what the fuss is. With Brody distracted, Vera manages to get to one of the red emergency buttons and orders a lockdown of the entire facility. As the prison officer with Liz calls for the lockdown, Brody smashes his radio into the back of her head, causing her to collapse to the floor.


The s*** has hit the fan…

Will immediately places the prison on lockdown. The acting governor wants to know what’s going on in the admissions corridor. Brody tries to talk Will into lifting the lockdown. As Will moves towards opening the airlock, but before he manages to press the button to release the airlock, Will sees Vera on camera as she is dragged back from the corridor.


After checking the cameras, Will calls the laundry. He tells Linda Brody has taken control of the admissions corridor. Brody has a gun, Will tells the acting deputy governor. Could it have anything to do with the money Linda owes Brody? After Jake tells Will about the money Linda owes Brody, the acting governor asks her about it. “It’s not that,” Linda tells Will. “It could have something to do with Winter. Sean and Winter have something going on. That’s all I know.”

Linda tries to get the women out of the laundry and through the East airlock but May drops her bottle of hooch and the women are consequently discovered in the corridor. Brody forces the women back into the laundry.

Does Will fall for Marie’s game?

Marie plays a victim for Will’s benefit. She is trying to make the acting governor believe that Brody is the one in charge, but Rita puts a stop to the manipulation. Rita uses the intercom to communicate to another area of the prison. A prison officer responds to Rita’s call.

When someone responds to Rita’s intercom message, he calls the acting governor and she is patched through to Will. While Rita does not understand what’s going on, she does know that Marie is calling the shots. She conveys this information to Will. “Whatever it is with Officer Brody and the other two fellers, Marie is behind it,” Rita tells Will. The acting governor finally realises Marie plays him for a sucker.


Brody threatens to shoot Vera if the airlock is not opened. While it looks like no one believes the prison officer will shoot Vera, the closing scene of the episode is focused on Brody as he takes the shot. The last thing we see is Brody discharging his weapon. We do not yet know if Brody shot Vera or put a bullet in the floor. From everyone’s reaction, it looks like Vera might be dead.

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