Who knew ‘Westside’ was so captivating? When Harrow’s second series ended, finding something else to review became a priority. Considering all the New Zealand and Australian produced productions I watch, I cannot believe how I missed watching ‘Westside.’ Anyone familiar with ‘Outrageous Fortune’ should probably take a gander at ‘Westside’ because it is the prequel series.

A Very Different Westside Story…

Premiering in New Zealand with its first season, ‘Westside’ hit television screens on channel Three 31 May 2015. Four years later, we are six episodes into the production’s fifth season. With the popularity of the series readily apparent, ‘Westside’ is to receive funding from NZ on Air for another season.

‘Westside’ chronicles the lives of Ted and Rita West. David de Lautour, currently known for playing Dr Greg Miller in the seventh series of ‘Wentworth,’ plays Ted West. Antonia Prebble plays Rita West. The Wellington born actress previously played the same character for the parent series ‘Outrageous Fortune.’

The third series was set in 1982. Two series later, we are seeing the West family in 1987. Do you remember what you were doing in 1987? If you’re a Rugby World Cup fan, there’s a good chance you might recall New Zealand and Australia co-hosted the tournament. The final match was held in New Zealand at Auckland’s Eden Park. It was 20 June 1987 and the home team thrashed France by 29 to 9.

The west gets OUTRAGEOUS! #WestsideTV coming soon to Three. 🤟

Posted by Outrageous Fortune & Westside on Sunday, May 26, 2019

In the latest episode, we discover Ted does not believe in truces. Because Ted has suffered, he wants immediate payback. Consequently, he has no time for the long game. Luckily for Ted, with New Zealand hosting the Rugby World Cup at Auckland’s Eden Park, he sees an opportunity to get what he wants without getting killed in the process.

Final Thoughts…

With the backdrop to the series revolving around real historical events in New Zealand history, social historians will find the production captivatingly entertaining. Consequently, there are no doubts students interested in studying New Zealand history will watch the series for historical references.

The writers will, therefore, need to keep this in mind when penning teleplays for the production. We would not want to see historical inaccuracies creep into ‘Westside.’ While it would not impact the dramedy greatly, the writers showing that they have an understanding of New Zealand history would be seen as being respectful to the country as a whole.

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