Westside, a New Zealand television drama co-created by Rachel Lang and James Griffin, is the prequel series to ‘Outrageous Fortune.’

Chronicling the lives of Ted (David de Lautour) and Rita West, the first series ran on New Zealand’s Channel Three from Sunday, 31 May to  Sunday, 5 July 2015.

The current series of the NZ on Air funded production is coming towards the end of its run, with only three more episodes remaining, the fifth series will end with its tenth episode on Monday, 12 Aug. 2019. With Westside having picked up funding for a sixth series, the cast and crew will be working on new episodes for 2020 very soon.

Brief Episode Synopsis: “Episode Seven” … from IMDb.com

A plague has descended upon the West house. But even as she hovers near death there are still some things only a woman like Rita can sort out – like doing a deal with the devil, before they all drown in the deep blue sea.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to see the episode, stop reading now. There are spoilers ahead.

‘Westside’ is one of those crime dramedies that pulls you into the narrative from the beginning of each episode. Relative to the parent series, ‘Outrageous Fortune,’ period crime dramedy is a better classification for the series because it is set in 1987.

On 22 July 2019, Westside Twitter account shows a tweet with an apparent spoiler for the current series. It’s hilarious how anyone could think of this tweet as being a spoiler because the production is a period piece. It’s like saying the ship sinks at the end of James Cameron‘s ‘Titanic.’

Does Rita have chickenpox? How in the world could someone not get chickenpox as a child? Getting chickenpox when you’re an adult is significantly worse.

Westside Promotional Image: Antonia Prebble, David de Lautour, Will Hall, Xavier Horan, Sophie Hambleton, Daniel Musgrove, Jordan Mooney, Esther Stephens, Reef Ireland, Pana Hema Taylor, Kirsten Ibbetson, Patrick Tafa, and Caleb Wells. Image Credit: IMDb.com

A Robbery Gone Wrong…

Some idiot tries to rob the Galleria with a gun but makes a complete mess of it and ends up being tied to a chair while Cheryl West (Jessica Grace Smith) calls in family members to take care of him. When Sparky (Caleb Wells) arrives at the store, he identifies the robber as Keith (Jason Wu).

Does sucking up to Wolf West  (Reef Ireland) work for anyone because it evidently doesn’t work for Keith? Keith the Wests to let him steal something for them so that he can prove himself to them. It’s seriously ridiculous, but Wolf gives Keith a chance. Eric (Jordan Mooney) goes to cut the restraints holding Keith down, but he’s almost as bad with his useless switchblade as Keith is with his toy gun.

When Keith returns to the Galleria with a stolen arcade video game machine. The boys end up playing games and doing drugs all day.

Meanwhile, Bert (Pana Hema Taylor) tries to talk Ted into playing ball with the cops. Riana (Kirsten Ibbetson) wants Frankie Figgs (Peter Elliott) behind bars and she wants the West family to help her put him there.

Will the Wests cooperate with the cops? Figgs apparently killed Cannonball Hayes (Aaron Jackson). Even though Beryl (Lynn Waldegrave) knows Figgs, killed Cannonball, it doesn’t stop her working with him.

Who is Gary Savage (Simon Mead) and why did he send Rita a chocolate birthday cake?