What do you think of “Tacoma FD”?

Kevin Heffernan, Gabriel Hogan, Steve Lemme, Eugene Cordero, Marcus Henderson, and Hassie Harrison in "Tacoma FD" (2019). Image Credit: IMDb.

Do you ever think about watching a show because it is set where you live have previously lived? “Tacoma FD,” set in the Washington State city of Tacoma, is well-known for producing paper. It is now known for being the setting for an exceptional situation comedy revolving around firefighters and what they get up to during their down time.

“Tacoma FD” promotional graphic. Image Credit: IMDb

What is the series about?

Arguably one of the best new situation comedies of 2019, “Tacoma FD” elevates the genre to new levels. Co-created by Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme, “Tacoma FD” is a comedic interpretation of what firefighters might get up to during their down time. They must do be doing something to relieve the pressure of being professional firefighters. To reiterate the point, the goofiness these fictional firefighters get up to is an aspect of the characters’ down time. It is not the way they behave hen on the job.

Both Heffernan and Lemme, stars of the popular “Super Troopers” franchise, are exceptional talents. They bring their A-game to everything they do. Exemplifying this point is their work on the Neil Garguilo and David F. Park co-created “MOCKpocalypse.”

Three episodes into the first season, “Tacoma FD” is seriously entertaining. The next episode in the series, “Training Day,” will hit television screens in these United States Thursday, 18 April 2019. With a ten-episode run, character development will be part of each instalment.

Who is in the cast?

“Tacoma FD” stars the series creators Heffernan and Lemme as Chief Terry McConky and Captain Eddie Penisi, respectively. Rounding out the cast is Eugene Cordero, Marcus Henderson, Gabriel Hogan and Hassie Harrison.

As well as co-creating the series, writing teleplays for episodes and starring in it, Heffernan also dons the directorial hat on at least three occasions.

Is there a trailer for the series?