Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, unlike other productions within the Star Trek franchise, profoundly explored the characters from a deeply personal perspective. From the series premiere to the series finale, we saw complex story arcs unfold. An aspect of the production which made Star Trek: Deep Space Nine stands apart from shows such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager is how serialisation played a huge role in moving narratives forward.

Showrunner Ira Steven Behr wasn’t afraid to push the envelope because he knew that is what dedicated fans wanted. The documentary, conceived by Behr, was apparently created to allow Star Trek: Deep Space Nine cast members to express their thoughts about the way the show was initially received. Whilst it has been suggested many fans were initially dubious about the production’s darker tone, even though that might be true for the lowest common denominator, people such as myself were happy to see a change of pace.

The documentary gives Niners an opportunity to see where the series might have gone if there had been an eighth season. Five Star Trek: Deep Space Nine writers brainstormed a potential eighth season premiere episode. Not just talking about the direction the episode would have taken, the showrunner provided us with well-drawn graphics which gave us a visual representation of the episode.

Niners will recall, as the series finale closed, Nog received a promotion to lieutenant junior grade. With how much time has passed since we last saw the character, in this eighth season opener, he is a Starfleet captain. He’s commanding the USS Defiant-A. The station itself has transitioned to a religious sanctuary. Behr reminds us that, with this being Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, we shouldn’t get too comfortable.

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What We Leave Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

At the heart of every Star Trek series, especially Star Trek: DS9, is a social commentary. There isn’t a single series within the franchise that doesn’t address social issues. Star Trek: DS9 frequently went far beyond other series within the franchise. Star Trek: DS9, with episodes such as Far Beyond the Stars, did more in a single episode than the other productions did in an entire season.

Whilst Behr is proud of what was accomplished with the series, in the documentary, we see the showrunner have a question mark placed next to sexual identity because he believed Star Trek: Deep Space Nine didn’t adequately address the needs of the LGBTQ community. The fourth season episode Rejoined, relatively speaking, seems to have been the only episode that addresses sexual orientation in any meaningful way. Behr correctly notes that, even though it was the 1990s, they could have done more.

The Dominion War played a huge role in ST: DS9. Part of the sixth season episode Sacrifice of Angels was elevated to HD for the documentary. With both ST: TOS and ST: TNG having been remastered, Niners would like to know when ST: DS9 will receive the same treatment. It’s by far the best series in the franchise.