Will Trump Extend Hypocrisy To Missouri?

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Today, Thursday, 23 May 2019, via a tweet tweeted to President Donald J. Trump’s personal Twitter account, the president continues to demonstrate hypocritical views. This is nothing new. Everyone knows Trump’s standards, or rather, the lack thereof. Will Missouri receive the treatment as Puerto Rico or will it mirror that of the Florida panhandle? Neither the islanders nor Floridians were treated well by the president. This is a sore point for both peoples. Does Trump care? Unlikely because he probably has his focus on improving his golf swing.

In a retweet response to what Missouri’s Governor Mike Parson tweeted to his Twitter account, Trump wrote, “Our hearts go out to the people of Missouri as they woke up to assess the damage from storms. You are strong and resilient, and we are here to assist.”

Does anyone need paper towels?

Missouri residents need more than rolls of paper towels thrown at them.

Dr Jeffrey Guterman, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida and a Qualified Supervisor for Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counselors in Florida, tweeted to the president “Don’t visit Missouri. The people there have been traumatized enough.”

Based on how well, or rather, how badly Puerto Rican Americans were treated by the president, Trump staying away from Missouri would probably be good for the state’s residents.

Missouri residents need real assistance, not the photo/press opportunity Puerto Rican Americans were treated to by their president. The same is still true of Puerto Rico but the likelihood of Trump treating the unincorporated US territory the same as a state is slim.

“Best. President. Ever.,” according to at least one Twitter user.

While there are people that believe Trump is the “Best. President. Ever.,” Floridians living in their states panhandle and Puerto Ricans will probably disagree with such statements. It does not matter what Trump does or does not do, there will always be people that will support his course.

How well will the president treat Missouri in comparison with Florida and Puerto Rico? Will it be better or worse than the 24th state and the unincorporated US territory?

Missouri’s governor and lieutenant governor, Parson and Mike Kehoe, respectively, are both Republicans. You might think certain states, ones where the leadership is of the president’s own political party, would benefit greatly. While Missouri’s governor and lieutenant governor are Republicans, there is no guarantee Trump will treat the 24th state any differently than he did with Florida after Hurricane Michael tore through the state’s panhandle.

Considering how extensive the press coverage was, the president must have seen some coverage of the damage because it was reported on Fox News and the network’s affiliate stations.

Even though Florida, like Missouri, have Republicans currently occupying both the governorship and the lieutenant governorship positions, ‘The Sunshine State’ did not come out from under the very well under Hurricane Michael smelling of sunshine and roses but Trump’s presidency was better Florida than it was for Puerto Rico.

Selfishness Prevails Over Selflessness

It’s a sad sad day when selfishness prevails over selflessness but that is where are at with the American presidency. The previous 43 individuals to hold presidency were never as selfish as Trump. In varying degrees, many presidents were the quintessential personification of selflessness. No one can say that of Trump because he is more content with practising his golf swing than he is being president.

45 Does Not Become 46

Yes, before you comment on the number, 43 is the correct one. President Grover Cleveland is the person responsible for the numerical confusion. Because Cleveland saw two non-consecutive presidential terms, the number of individuals to hold the office and the number of presidencies is off by one. The New Jersey born president is the 22th and 24th president. This is why Trump is 45th.

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And for anyone thinking if Trump sees a successful re-election campaign, in the context of the American presidency, 45 does not become 46. That’s just ridiculous. Because Trump is probably unaware of how presidential numbering works, his followers might be in the same boat. Just do not go to Puerto Rico in that boat because the islanders might not be appreciative. Missouri residents, after the dust has settled, might not feel the same way as Puerto Rican Americans.