Altcoins Taking on Bitcoin- Price Analysis


Finally some exciting figures for trades and holders of bitcoin. Few weeks after the halving bitcoin is heading for the ultimate prize. After hitting the $10k mark two days ago for the first time since halving, bitcoin remains unshaken. Altcoins looks to be following in the footsteps.

The last time bitcoin traded above 10,000 was months ago before the major blow which saw the prices go below $4,000 mark. As expected, bitcoin heading for an all times high looks more and more realist and possible. Just like in history, there is more passivity to reaching this goal in the first year after halving.

With nothing more other than the micro-factors, bitcoin managed to hit 14,000 just near the end of 2019. There was nothing major as the recent halving to bring bitcoin price to the 14k mark. With the recent halving; just like before, enthusiasts and analysts expect the bitcoin to not only hit all times high but also do it by very high margins. Today bitcoin is priced at around $10,019 and expected to hit $12,000 by the end of the coming week by some enthusiast.

How about the rest of altcoins

Whenever the head moves the rest of the body seems to slither along; at the list for most of the altcoins. Any effect of bitcoin always seems to affect the rest of the altcoins which makes their curves look similar.

Etherium is second from bitcoin has been struggling to hit $200 mark and at the time of press, it is trading at $201.75. this is after merging to hit $200 days ago and like bitcoin, it looks to be claiming valuating at over $200 mark. The rest are generally looking positive of Couse other than the stable coins and a few

In the past week, the graphs seem to be, curving uphill. However, in the last 24hrs have been a few hiccups for EOS. While the rest of the top ten altcoins have been going green, EOS is dropping . in the past 24hr EOS is trading at $2.63, a 0.6% drop.

As days move along the prices for all these cryptocurrencies are expected to keep moving upward and for those who haven’t invested in it, this is the time.