California Giant Berry Farm Partners IBM Food-Based Blockchain


Blockchain technology is becoming the heartbeat of the world economy bit by bit. It has become one of the most creative technologies of the century which has seen basically every industry join into this innovation.  Every now and then pre-existing firms are joining Among the latest to join in the U.S. berry producer California Giant Berry Farms.

The giant berry farms joined one of the largest food tracking blockchain IBM. IBM is a food-based blockchain known best for tracking inventory; food-related, using a system (known as blockchain)  from the farm all the way to the retail consumer.

In a statement from the senior director of operations Mr. Thomas Taggart, this partnership is one of the most important partnerships to the company. It will help the California giant deliver on quality much better and help the firm plan better in the future. Additionally, the partnership will ensure more efficiency during the transportation of products. He also said,

“This enables us to track food from farm to store and helps ensure it is fresh and safe when our customers buy it.”

How Will The Partnership Affect Income for California Giant

Currently, the firm recording profits and last year alone the company recorded a good $62.6 million in profits. Considering the size of the firm, this is considered the business is doing well. However, even though there is room to make more over the same period of time.

One of the biggest challenges facing the food industry is the perishability of most food especially fruits and vegetables. Just like Thomas said, the IBM Blockchain system will help update the California giant on the status of their supplies on the shelves.

If the company gets these real-time data, it will e able to plan and replace the food on the shelves. Consequently, there will be minimal cases of spoiled food by customers which means more credibility.