Top Two Spontaneous Benefactors of Covid19 Pandemic


When not everyone is particularly happy with the pandemic strike some cannot stop the smiles on their faces from curving. Every sector has been greatly affected by this virus and most people would expect the pharmaceutical companies to be getting all the profits. This, however, has not been the case and instead there are new players in town “Benefactors of Covid19”.

The plague is new and it’s now taking thousands of people every day; so far hundreds of thousands worldwide since earlier this year. It’s all about the weapons to fight this enemy. According to statistics, the demand for hand sanitizers has surged by up to 5 times in some regions in just a few months. The UK alone the demand has risen by just over 2 and half times according to CNBC.

The Benefactors of Covid19.

The twp major benefactors of the Covid19 pandemic are the sanitizer industries and food industries.

As a result of this pandemic, sanitizing product prices have surrendered to the demand curve to make them up to 3 times more expensive than it used to cost. Mathematically, this means for every dollar used before on hand sanitizer is first multiplied by three for the price, and for anyone sanitizing 5 times more than they used before also spread 5 times more. So expense on sanitizer is multiplied by 3 and 5. This brings a new total cost of about $14 more for every $1 one used to spend before.

Food and shelter are essential. They are the basic factors to the survival and everyone knows that. As a result, people have emptied shelves for most of the long-lasting supplies such as dry cereals. Consequently, with such high demands, the prices are obeying the rule of demand. One or two businessmen had seen this coming and kept something in the store. All they had to do is wait until the prices were up to start selling.

In China where the virus was reported first, a few months in the pandemic, the food delivery companies were reporting massive demand. People afraid to leave their homes were ordering food online instead. The companies say they went from delivering food 12hrs a day to 24 hrs due to the increased demand.

Millions of people have lost their jobs since the pandemic. With measures such as lock-downs and curfews to try and contain the virus, even self-employed are forced to close down. With mortgages and a high number of people living in rental houses, it has become impossible to afford rent.