U.S Economy: COVID-19 Boosts Trump’s Bid Over Biden, Here’s How


The current U.S president is set for a showdown with the democratic candidate and former vice president Joe Biden in a few months. The president has numerously called Biden “Sleepy Joe” and he insists that he does not think Biden is a worthy competitor. This claim nearly separates Americans by half. But there is a major case for Trump since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

In the face of it, there is an argument to be made about the way Trump has handled the pandemic. This runs from a belated response to his support for the health sector. But what about post-pandemic?

This is to come a few months from now. And many say that there couldn’t be a better man to lead America out of this than Donald J Trump. He, many will argue knows the economy and knows how to get businesses going again. His campaign promise in his first term and again in the coming campaign is simply, “Make America Great Again”

This means jobs for Americans and the first investment should go to the American economy before supporting global economies. While many might not have agreed with this thinking in the first term, it will definitely be on their minds in the next.

Trump Vs Biden For 2020 Elections

Although the world superpower will be keen to help the world, they will need to first need to get their economy on track as it faces the largest crisis since the 2008 financial crisis.

There are those who believe that by not electing Trump in the first place could have led to better management of the pandemic. This from supporting governors like Cuomo in New York to canceling funding to the World Health Organisation. For them electing Biden will ensure that there possibly be a better handle of future emergencies.

But, while his response to an emergency is a big if. His economic policies assure that it will take years for the U.S to get back on track. Trump, on the other hand, is set the economy on track with a V curve that sees the economy recover in less than 2 years.

Economically speaking, Trump is the only one of two who can get back the U.S back n track.