A Deprived and Depressed Young Society


For many African countries the main problem facing the governments is the sky rocketing levels of unemployment for the young generations. With an average age of 26 years old, this means that most Africans are either college students of have just cleared school and are seeking employment.
The young people are burdened with massive students’ debt and struggle for survival filled with false promises from their leaders who are only since during funerals or after 5 years. The day to day survival becomes unbearable leading to an increase in daily stress due to the struggles of life.
A Dollar a Day
With a promise of a high paying job after completing school, most African parents sell their property to educate their children in the hope of them having a better future than they have just for them to come back to the village to carry out the same odd jobs.
With the increased level of dependence and poverty due to sell of assets the families basically survives with a below a dollar income a day which is the case for 41% of sub-Sahara Africa which is an alarming figure and should raise concerns.
Causes of Depression among Youths
Africa has the most number of saddest countries having 14 out of the 21 sampled with Central Africa Republic being the saddest of them all.
There are a variety of reasons that has led to the huge level of depression amongst the African youth. This may include:
1. Lack of Employment
With the high number of graduates per year and very few job offers most African youths remain idle and unemployed which leads to depression due to the inability to be independent. The youths lack entrepreurship opportunities that would subsidize government and private sector makes matters worse.
2. High Cost of Living
Most African cities are growing rapidly raising the cost of living which puts a real strain on the unemployed youths who have to dig deeper in their pockets to just afford basic needs. This leads to depression on the thought of just struggling to survive.
3. Social Vices and Inequality
Corruption, discrimination, nepotism and unequal distribution of resources favors the rich thus great wage gap between the rich and the poor. This contributes to the rising number of depressed people.
4. Low Economic Status
Lack of financial empowerment is a cause of depression, with many African countries rising and becoming economical hubs, a large section of the population across the continent live below the poverty level.
This menace can be addressed through cooperation between the government, private sector and the society at large. This should be addressed by working towards improvement of food security, healthcare, housing and infrastructure and job security.
Major societal evils such as corruption and crime which deprive majority of the youths, this creates unhealthy and unhygienic neighborhoods which contribute to depressions.
For the youths innovative thinking will help change the way of seeing things and coming up with locally sourced solutions by creating job for themselves and others.