ESPN Tells Reporters to not Talk about Nick Bosa Racist Views


You know it’s interesting to me that while ESPN loves to tell the stories of a lot of draftees last night during the NFL Draft, one story they were told not to tell and that was of Ohio State linebacker Nick Bosa.

Bosa, as many of you know may already know, quit playing for the Buckeyes during the season to save himself for the draft which in the end, ended up being a smart move because the Buckeyes didn’t make the College Football Playoffs.

Bosa ended up going second in the draft to the San Francisco 49ers behind quarterback Kyler Murray, who went No. 1 overall to the Arizona Cardinals, but that’s not the interesting part of this story.

The interesting part is that ESPN refuse to tell the real story about Nick Bosa-in other words the ugly truth.

Nick Bosa is Donald Trump loving, white nationalist supporter who basically tone down his act in order for him to get drafted.

I am not saying Bosa is a card carrying, hood wearing, KKK supporter, but he does have some questionable views that should have been looked into.

While networks like the NFL Network and ESPN love to discuss and bring up other athletes issues from their past, they are scared to death to talk about this.

Bosa’s views may not been a topic on the networks last night, but it sure was a HUGE topic on Twitter where lots of fans wanted to know just like me, why was Bosa’s views being ignored?

Bosa’s tweets in past supported Trump, hated on Beyonce’ and the Black Lives matter movement and he supports claims that say former president Barack Obama wasn’t born in this country. In short, he is a birther too.

But nooo let’s not focus on that, let’s focus on his talent because that’s make for better TV right ESPN?

The ironic thing is Bosa is going to one of the most liberal cities in the country which may explain why he toned down his act.

But how long is it going to be before Bosa says or post something that will offend his teammates and bring strife to the locker room?

On the other hand, who knows? Maybe Bosa being in the Bay Area will be a good thing and it will open his eyes to certain things he may not have seen before.

One thing is certain, San Francisco is going to challenge Bosa’s beliefs whether he wants it to or not.