Why Tiger Woods Winning the Masters Was Doing It for the Culture

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA - APRIL 14: Tiger Woods of the United States celebrates after sinking his putt on the 18th green to win during the final round of the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club on April 14, 2019 in Augusta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Last Sunday Tiger Woods won his 5th Masters Championship and I’m torn. On one hand, I’m happy he won and made a comeback despite the fact that most sports experts, me included, had given up on him.

With all his off the field issues and his back problems, I fully expected Tiger to call it a career soon and just retire to Florida, but he proved us all wrong with his victory Sunday at Augusta. And while most African-Americans celebrated Tiger’s victory, one thing still nag us in the back of our minds: how do you pull for a guy who is friends with Donald J. Trump?

Tiger, like Michael Jordan, has kept his political thoughts to himself barely speaks on the matter if ever. Jordan in his latter years has become more political supporting Lebron James after James was told to shut up and dribble by conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham.

Tiger however, has remain non-committal when it comes to politics, but one thing is clear: He is friendly with Donald Trump and that is bothersome to most black people. Tiger hasn’t never really claimed his blackness despite the fact that his father was African-American, which has never set well with us and yet we still pull for him.

Shoal Creek

Perhaps it’s because golf out of all the major sports played, just recently started to accept blacks. I remember growing up as a kid in Birmingham, AL that Shoal Creek, a golf course just outside the city limits of Birmingham, didn’t have any black members. This was not happening in the 1960’s, this was in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

It was a huge controversy at the time and as I recall, the course lost a major PGA event because of their policy. It wasn’t that long ago that Augusta National, home of the Masters, didn’t have black members or women for that matter either.

When Tiger was beating up their golf course, they tried to as some called it “Tiger Proof” the course because he was so dominate. Notice, they didn’t do that for Jack Nicklaus when he was winning all those majors, but they did it for Tiger.

So, yes I do get a bit of satisfaction every time Tiger wins at Augusta because it is a punch in the gut to those racist and bigots who tried to keep us out over the years.

Tiger Woods may not see his victory as doing it for the culture, but in actuality, it is.