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Craig Wright Roils Crypto Community, But Who Knows Satoshi Nakamoto?


Craig Wright has been at crypto ground zero for a long time. He was an early suspect in the race to unmask the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin, who called themselves Satoshi Nakamoto. Craig Wright initially said he was Nakamoto, then denied it after the Australian Federal Police raided his home on a matter the AFP claims wasn’t connected to Bitcoin. Apparently, with the AFP raid behind him...

Crypto Kev Slams Craig Wright


Crypto Kev has slammed Craig Wright in his latest episode, a vitriolic mouthful of abuse against many in the cryptosphere have come to despise. Craig Wright Is A Fraught-With-Danger Figure Craig Wright has been threatening libel and defamation suits against Twitter users who have labeled him a fraud in relation to his claims of being the creator – or one of the team of creators – of...

Bitcoin Agnostic Elon Musk: ‘Cryptocurrency Is My Safe Word’


Tesla CEO Elon Musk joked that “cryptocurrency is my safe word” in response to a Twitter beef over the true identity of mystery bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. Musk playfully made the remark after a crypto fan facetiously quipped that he’s annoyed because Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright isn’t suing him for denying that Wright is Satoshi. Entrepreneur Craig Wright...