Arya Stark,The Battle of Winterfell and the Women’s Movement


Spoiler Alert!

If you haven’t seen the latest episode from Game of Thrones, then you don’t want to read past this sentence unless you want me to spoil the ending.

Needless to say, Arya Stark surprised everyone with how she defeated the Night King. Way more of a surprise than the true parentage of Jon Snow. But, what does it mean?

I still think there’s more behind the death of Littlefinger and her involvement. I did predict that the dagger was more important than just about anything. Right now, that’s just a prediction and not something I could spoil.

That brings me to bias and how that can and does cause problems. That’s why I went to college. I wanted to be someone who uncovered bias. It’s been a bit of an epic journey along the way, I will say that life is a bit of a challenge.

Assumed bias is what made it such a surprise that Arya Stark was the one to defeat the Night King. I mean, look what she’s managed to do in the past seasons. She’s escaped the Lannisters, killed the man who killed her mother and (as of now) slit the throat of the devious Littlefinger.

It really is our preconceived bias that causes us to think a little girl is not capable of doing the absolute unbelievable.

Take my divorce. I remember the look of sadness the clerk gave me when I handed in my paperwork. I’ll always remember how my neighbor assumed there was some sort of emotional thing that was plaguing me. I will also always remember how when I informed the school counselor about my child’s divorce she testified that she presumed I was bothering her with my emotional problems. I will also always remember how when I wrote an article about the history of Father’s Day some wonderful people informed me that the writing of said article must have been very emotional for me.

In reality, I watched Game of Thrones and literally threw myself into the show by  David Benioff, D. B. Weiss and delved into the books of George R.R. Martin because I was trapped. That world gave me hope when my marriage gave me nothing but darkness. In a way, Arya Stark has for years been my light in the dark void that marriage and divorce brought for me. As I walked through a dark tunnel, she was and is my flashlight.

She has broken every presumed bias against women and for that, she deserves a medal. If it’s made of valeryan steel, all the better.

All photos courtesy of HBO.