Early Prevention of Childhood Obesity


In a recent story in the Huffington Post, the article compared childhood obesity to being related to many factors. It also criticized doctors and accused them of fat shaming. Well, they are doctors. While that doesn’t give them a total free pass, it does give them a little understanding of what a few extra pounds can do to the human body.

ZDoggMD on Childhood Obesity

I’ve been studying nutrition now for a few years. When I was finally diagnosed (by a doctor) with a rare disease, I didn’t have a choice but to leave my writing desk and start taking health classes. My plan was to study health care and follow any and all science related to finding out how to cure my disease. Well, I found out all the information I needed personally for me in my nutrition classes. I will add that my family does have a background in medicine and when I worked in the field of social work, one of my many jobs was interpreting doctor’s orders. Living with a chronic illness is a passion for me. I did tag my blog if you have any questions.

My Blog About My Illness

When it comes to nutrition, I don’t just have a background in taking classes. When I worked in the field of social work, I did help with meal planning, preparation, lactation and nutrition for infants. While I do think ZDOGGMD’s opinion of the causes of childhood obesity is something that is of concern, I also think that there are many solutions to this issue. My first one is of course that nutrition and eating a healthy diet is a matter of importance. I also agree that his idea on aligning parental cause of childhood obesity as a form of child abuse is very valid. I’ve seen how growing up overweight can cause psychiatric issues later. It really is preventable.

Children are vulnerable. Until they reach the age of 18, they need your supervision. I say this as a former social worker, a single mom and as a writer who has studied nutrition and managed a parenting magazine. I’m going to add in what I think is a question from you. How are you supposed to find the time?

I do remember how when I worked at a low-income school how much the parents struggled to feed their children a healthy diet. They were both working, and with a limited budget, those mega deals from McDonald’s sound a lot better than paying for a subway sandwich for the same price and trying to split it between six people.

If you don’t like a food, chances are your child won’t. I remember how terrified I was of the fact that I don’t really drink milk. My pediatrician confirmed to me that broccoli had a lot of calcium in it and as long as she eats yogurt and cheeses, she was getting the right amount of calcium.But what if you’re someone who doesn’t like broccoli? See, I love veggies. I knew that wouldn’t even be an issue.

Nowadays, most parents do work outside the home and simply don’t have the time to prepare homemade baby food. When I was married, I had my spouse’s income and I did freelance and work from home. That made it very easy for me to be a housewife and still advance my own career. It was an easy balance. I did also make my own baby food. Well, I did have the time.

There are a lot of options for busy moms and dads. There are companies like Gerber who are very cautious about their product and if you read the ingredients list, there aren’t a lot of additives. Busy families don’t need to feel guilty about not having the time nor wanting to make their own baby food. If you do want to make your own baby food, consider making a batch in one day and freezing it. I’ve tagged an article from Parenting that offers tips on DIY or Do-It-Yourself.

I don’t want to add a bunch of soda shaming here. Occasionally I do drink soda. Honestly, I don’t drink much of it. There’s very little nutritional value in it. You are literally drinking empty calories. That comes from a writer and a purveyor of nutrition. Do you want to switch to water right off the bat? I’m guessing no. Instead, try getting a smaller size of soda and taking baby steps towards going soda free. I don’t even want to start with a mega size. I’m going to pretend everyone who is reading this is ordering a large or smaller. Say you get a large. Order a medium instead and if you’re still thirsty, drink water. You won’t set yourself up for success if you go cold turkey. Just go a bit smaller. This is about simple weaning, not cutting any cord.

No, I’m not a fan of fast food. I’ve always been in careers that required deadlines. I actually enjoy cooking and the slow process of making dinner. It is actually calming to me. It really is about taking baby steps. When I taught nutrition, I was taught that your baby’s first food should be a mild yellow vegetable. That can be either something you buy or make. Next is the green veggies, then the berries, finally the meats. Please make sure it is fully cooked and finely pureed. Babies don’t have teeth. If this worries you, there are baby foods out there you can buy.

If you use the same food every day and switch to a new food one per week you can better prepare yourself for allergies and reactions. If you feed them a portion of food and they develop a rash shortly after, you can better know which food they reacted to if you start with foods slowly. That means sticking with one food per week to ensure your baby is not allergic before switching to another food. I also tagged a New York Times article that discusses the obesity epidemic and how more than 10% of the world’s population is now obese. It really is an issue. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or ask ZDoggMD.