Puppy Parties


Photo courtesy of Pexels

So, you’ve adopted the one. Now it’s time to bring him or her home. What exactly do you do? I know when I first got my puppy, I wanted the very best for him. I wanted him to be very well-adjusted and have a happy life. He’s been with me for 10 years now and is considered an old man dog. I still don’t regret any minute I have ever spent with him. It did all start with a puppy party.

When I first got my puppy, I asked several animal behavior experts what they thought I should do to make sure he was able to meet and greet people with ease. They all said the same thing. They told me to throw a puppy party. There really is more going on at a puppy party than meets the naked human eye. By the age of 4 months, your puppy should meet a wide variety of people. I will say my dog’s favorite job was being a greeter dog at a veterinarian clinic. He’s very confident and loves people. It could be his amazing breed. More likely it was my earnest in throwing him a puppy party.

Throw a party like you’re used too. Don’t worry about the decorations and I’m going to assume that your party is full of happy people. Probably the most important bit of advice I will give you is to make sure the treats are very small. Depending on how many people you are planning to invite, you want to have a bowl of treats out for people to give your new puppy. Now, a puppy’s stomach is still new and very tricky at times. You can avoid overfeeding your new family member by making sure the treats are as tiny as you can make them. Remember, a small treat is okay and almost essential for this first training session. You want to have a party with as many different races as possible, I think your party should have kids, (child-centered) and you want a few props like a hat, sunglasses and a cane. Dogs can develop of fear of different races or adornments like a hat if not shown them at a tender age.

I like to have everyone have a turn at giving the new puppy loves and treats. If you’re overly concerned about overfeeding, you can adjust this by limiting the amount of treats a person can give your new puppy.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Mostly, have fun. Before you know it your puppy will grow into an adult and be at the end of life like my dog. I’ll never regret any moment with him and when he goes to the Rainbow Bridge, I know he’ll be waiting for me.