DeFi Coin – Transforming the Crypto Space Through Seamless Payment Integration


Everyone is getting on the decentralized finance (DeFi) craze at this moment. The space is currently one off the most popular and fastest-growing in the crypto industry, with billions of dollars locked in several projects across the board.

It has become a case of who makes it in DeFi the most, and various companies have put their hat into the ring with several applications and projects.

DeFi Coin- What is It?

One of the most prominent new market entrants is DeFi Coin – a decentralized finance token that provides holders with the ability to make cryptocurrency payments to any merchant that accepts credit and debit cards.

DeFi Coin’s primary value proposition is its ease of use. The token works just like any cryptocurrency, and it makes payments easier and more seamless for anyone who is lucky enough to hold it.  Considering that payment integration has always been a significant problem for the crypto industry, DeFi Coin’s application can go a long way in ensuring that your business looks attractive to crypto holders everywhere.

Every DeFi Coin user gets a wallet application and a dedicated card. When you sign up, you will be able to use the wallet and card with 30 separate cryptocurrencies. Once you get your card, you can make seamless payments across over 50 million retail merchant sites worldwide.

Top DFC Features

This is only a presentation of the features, the Litepaper (detailed version of the features) will follow soon.

The DFC Discord

DFC has a dedicated discord that acts as an information center. With this feature, users will be able to meet with like-minded people and ask question about the DFC ecosystem. The discord acts primarily as a forum, and it allows people to join and learn more, both about DFC and cryptocurrency projects in general.

The DFC discord is currently holding an invite contest. Participants and winners will be getting some free DFC tokens as gifts, and any interested party can join via this link. To participate in the contest, join the discord, and invite your friends via an invite link (this way, they can track who invited who). If you only tell a friend to join with no link, there is no way for us to track your progress. Come check out our community and see what DFC has to offer!

Other feature available on DeFi Coin includes:

The DFC App

The DFC app is currently one of the entire DeFi Coin ecosystem’s central features. With it, users will be able to manage their funds, make transfers, send discount funds, and do a host of other things.

A Decentralized Exchange

The DFC exchange will be connected to the DFC wallet. With it, users can make seamless currency exchanges and swap their holdings from one asset to the other.

DFC Staking

DFC also comes with an on-chain, decentralized framework that allows users to stake their crypto. Staking cryptocurrency means that you are holding cryptocurrency to verify transactions and support the network. In exchange for holding the crypto and strengthen the network, you will receive a reward. You can also call it an interest.


DFC Swapping

There’s an automated protocol that lets users swap tokens from the Ethereum network. The swapping protocol also ensures that participants who provide liquidity will be able to earn trading fees.



DFC is gearing up to conduct an Initial Coin offering (ICO) on October 16. While the number of tokens it will be distributing is still unknown, the company’s tokens will be going for a price of $0.01. Interested participants will be able to purchase the asset using Ether, and the token sale is currently working exclusively to the MetaMask wallet extension on Google Chrome only.

Link to download MetaMask wallet:

If you don’t know how to buy them, kindly go to this document:

Link to participate for the tokens on October 16:


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