Terms and Conditions

By using HVY.com you hereby agree that:

1.1 You are solely responsible for the content you publish on HVY.com. HVY.com can not be held reliable for content published by independent journalists.

1.2. If your content breaches with our following requirements, the HVY editorial team can remove your posts without further explanation:

    • Racistic Content
    • Homophobic Content
    • Hatred
    • Sexual Content
    • Personal Attacks
    • Religious Propaganda
    • Political Propaganda
    • False content and / or accusations that are not backed up by legitimate sources.
    • Promotional content
    • Investment or money advice (due to Google’s YMYL filter)
    • Medical or Health advice (due to Google’s YMYL filter)

1.3 You have read, understood and agree with the Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press located here.

2. Images

Images are a great way to make your article come to life. However, you need to use images that are not restricted. You cannot take an image from e.g. CNBC and post it as your own on HVY. What you can do is to search for images on Google that are labeled for reuse, or use creative commons. You are also allowed to copy images from “CCN.com” if you see some that fit your need. HVY and CCN are operated by the same company, Hawkfish AS, which got the necessary licenses for these images.

Important: Always add a credit to your images with a description/name of the original source in the caption area. Example: Image from Shutterstock. 

3. Payments

You are entitled to 100% of the ad revenue your stories generate. This equals to 100% of the ad revenue minus transaction fees HVY.com need to pay in order to send you your payment. At the current time, we use PayPal.com and we need to subtract their transaction fee from your payment.

You are allowed to request a payment from HVY once your payment threshold has reached more than $100.

As our company is based in Norway, we receive payments from Google Adsense in NOK. This means that your payment can vary (2 to 4% more or less) from the payment information you find under post pay counter.

HVY.com is allowed to change the payment terms in the future with three months notice.

5. Use of Cookies

By using HVY.com you agree to the use of cookies from e.g. Google Analytics, Cloudflare and Google Adsense.

6. Governing Law

This agreement is governed in accordance with the laws of Oslo, Norway.

7. Legal Disputes

Legal disputes must be resolved by the court of law in Oslo, Norway.

8. Terms & Conditions can & will be updated continuously.