SPIKING is Launching AI Driven Cryptocurrency Exchange


Last week I had an amazing opportunity to speak at the Blockchain Asia Live Conference. It was a pretty intense but I had the honor to talk with some of most amazing people from the industry. One of them is Clemen Chiang, CEO of Singaporean company Spiking.com.

An avid investor in the US stock market since the early 2000s, Clemen realized that the average investor is constantly lagging behind in the flow of market information and therefore trades at a disadvantage to the big players in the market. That led to the genesis of Spiking, the first fintech tracking app that helps the average trader to follow the big investors as they buy and sell shares on the stock market.

Spiking was supported by the National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office under the Interactive & Digital Media Strategic Research Programme’s i.JAM Reload initiative. In October 2016, Clemen collected a gold for Spiking at the SiTF Awards 2016, for Best Innovative Start-up (Early Stage), by the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation. Nielsen//NetRatings survey in 2006 showed that Clemen was Singapore’s leading money and stock options investment coach. Today, Clemen is an active member of ICObench community as a leading ICObench expert.

Clemen says that the key idea behind their project is to verify and track the transactions of sophisticated investors. These investors include billionaires, millionaires, and whales.

“As these individuals have far more resources to conduct their due diligence on stocks, it will be prudent and smart to know what is the exact price they paid per share. In this way, the average investors have the opportunity to trade alongside with these investment giants.”

Asked about his general outlook on crypto, Clemen says that he’s being very positive.

“There are two concepts which we need to understand clearly. First, the concept behind blockchain and what is the problem that it is solving: trust. Blockchain gives transparency to parties doing business with each other without the need for intermediaries. In recent years, the network effects have kicked in and we can see several use cases of blockchain being deployed in several key industries as well as in governments.

Second, the concept behind the pricing of cryptocurrencies. This is where things become muddy as the prices are very volatile. As a result, there are naysayers in the market who literally condemned the idea of cryptocurrencies. Here’s the catch: both concepts are deeply intertwined as funding is necessary to build and scale blockchain technologies. Over time, I believe the S-curve will ride high for cryptocurrencies.”

Clemen thinks that there are several challenges facing blockchain projects. The utmost being fund raising from private and public supporters.

“Gone were the days of 2017 where projects could raise several millions easily. Next, will be the traction to deliver the milestones and ensure the adoption of the project by users. Lastly, how long the runway will last before money runs out! That is, the ability to generate revenues and sustain the project to its fruition.”

Spiking has listed the SPIKE tokens on Kryptono Exchange on 1st April 2019. This marks a significant milestone as their supporters are able to trade SPIKE tokens actively in the market. Next milestone will be the launch of Spiking Cryptocurrency Exchange. It is scheduled for Q4 2019 and they are very excited about this development to showcase the world’s first blockchain asset validation and AI driven crypto trading infrastructure.