Do We Still Care About the Truth?


Over nine thousand times has the current President either outright stated falsehoods or manipulated the truth beyond reason. What does America believe, The Lying eyes and ears of theirs that sees and hears facts that are manipulated? Or the person who attacks anyone who repeats those lies to show that the person who instigated or propagated them has lied? America, do you care about the truth and facts or what makes you feel good?

          Donald J. Trump has manipulated facts, revised history, and outright in the tune of made 8,158 false or misleading claims in his first two years! That is not overlooking something, but more the blatant attempt at coercing, or employing falsehoods to gain a certain position. Now keep in mind that includes over 6,000-plus such claims, lies, misquotes, and revamping of history in the president’s second year. Does America care about the truth?

America is looking towards a future and is in need of integrity driven, and an honorable leader that does not misdirect the citizens with lies. The United States has a crisis with the current immigration system. America needs to find a way to feed, cloth, and house the young and elderly. Every American has a duty to their Veterans and must look towards an environment less dependent on fossil fuels and a more green energy source.

It will take a statesman, with gravitas and honor to lead all of America to the future, not one full of bigotry, lies, and ignorance. The bridges, roads and all infrastructure from communications to power needs to be updated to the 21st century shedding its 1900s ideas. Bridges have collapsed as recent as this week, and roads are falling to the grip of huge potholes. We see sinkholes, wildfires, and hurricanes that place devastation on America. We need a truthful leader to help Americans through the struggles to be ready for the future.

When it can be stated of our current President the obvious ignorance of law and order, then we are on a path to destruction, not greatness.  the U.S. and international laws on asylum astonish Trump. This is how it works in any country that abides by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees: A refugee enters and makes a petition, and the government makes a ruling after analyzing the facts. It’s also worth keeping in mind that 85 percent of all deportations in the United States are ordered quickly, without a hearing before a judge.

Does America care about truth? Most illegal immigrants come from the skies and seas and stay beyond their visas. Does America still care about the truth? Many Americans have debilitating and terminal illnesses that die because they cannot get medical coverage. Does America still care about the truth? many American children and the elderly go hungry and cold. Does America still care about the truth? There is a definite association between fossil fuels and the destruction of the Worlds ozone, and it must be stopped soon.

Does America still care about the truth? Raping his first wife, wanting to date his daughter, Donald Trump is entangling himself in Epstein Island child rapes. Donald states that he grabs women’s crotches and denies that he pays prostitutes hush money? Does America still care about the truth? The President shows racism, bigotry, and ignorance in his words and deeds as President when he sides with Supremacists. Does America still care about the truth? Trump has not done enough to help Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria that hit the island  Sept. 20, 2017.

America has an opportunity to change the course of leadership and political doublespeak in 2020. America must vote for honest, honorable, integrity driven statesman from the Commander-in-Chief to the Representative, and every local political office. The color of the flag they fly is not reflective of the colors of their true intentions or integrity. Whether they are Democrat, Conservative, or Independent, if they are truly the best, then that is who America needs. Does America still care about the truth? The 2020 election can be the mirror of the American soul, and it can either be clouded, or bright.