How to Understand and Manage Bipolar Disorder: Finale

Bipolar disorder
the truth about bipolar disorder

Goodnight Halloween Fans! ‘How to Understand and Manage Bipolar Disorder: Finale’ is a final subjective depiction of bipolar.

How to Understand and Manage Bipolar Disorder: The Mental Ravine

So, you want to know about Bipolar? I will tell you, without poems, stories or empathy because with the best will in the world you will NEVER understand this illness. I have tried and failed with creative words to explain it. So I am going to resort to plain and simple fact. Bipolar is an illness, it has symptoms. I am sorry that those symptoms do not manifest in physical ill health. I am sorry you cannot see them, but know this; you do see them. You see them in behavior, in thought and most of all in the pain of the sufferer. I cannot continue to use the word survivor because we barely survive. We struggled to survive! We suffer. Sometimes I am many, sometimes I am one of many!

How to Understand and Manage Bipolar Disorder: Finale and Mortality

Bipolar has an extremely high mortality rate, with death exceeding that of depression, lupus, diabetes and in some cases cancer. I am sorry to give you the harsh honest truth, but there it is. Bipolar sufferers endure life, they do not live it. They cannot live it because every moment is driven by forces that are beyond control. The pain of bipolar is unreal, every single day the pain is unreal. In darkness the mind flicks to so many levels. The brain lights up with a cruel inexplicable energy that drives beyond the psychology of motivation.

Medication can alleviate some of the symptoms at the cost of the individual losing all feeling. Becoming essentially zombified, impervious to the delights of the world and trapped in numbness. Psychotherapists do not listen. They clock watch and are paid a ridiculous amount of money for doing so. The symptoms themselves shape the life of the sufferer.

The Bipolar Experience

They cannot live a normal life, cannot experience reality as it is experienced for others, because they are trapped in this cruel mind-set. Bipolar sufferers are not malicious, unkind or difficult. They are simply children who have this overwhelming urge to play in the garden of the world. Survivors would not intentionally cause pain or hardship. In fact most sufferers are extremely empathetic meaning they feel the pain of others and as such would not dream of deliberately causing harm.

But they hurt, bipolar sufferers hurt all of the time. It is a pain that there is absolutely no medication or help for, it is an ache in the soul. A sadness that will not shift. Whether in the depths of despair or the peak of mania that pain remains. It makes them vulnerable, trusting and naïve. Bipolar is a sting that cannot be shifted by any reasonable method. At times it is unendurable, intolerable. It drives the sufferer to work, to seek an outlet and share that pain with the world. Unfortunately the world cannot understand. Most people lack the emotion to have any comprehension of these feelings. Yet we, the most emotive of sufferers are deemed divergent. Only because we have the ability to comprehend the human condition.

The Tormented Artist

The greatest, most creative minds suffered from this ailment. The result has been the most comprehensive works of art and pieces of fiction by those who are afflicted, made infamous by others who can just about understand. A sufferer will show people their pain through artistic license, but would never intentionally hurt another, contrary to Hollywood cinema!

How to Understand and Manage Bipolar Disorder: Lost Causes

What then causes the suffering of bipolar? In truth I do not know! A drive perhaps, motivation, excess energy, misunderstanding by and large and vulnerability. The depression of bipolar comes on largely as fatigue, introverted escapism and a bleak need for solace.

The mania side can be, and often is, much more treacherous. This is because the sufferer will seek that distraction by stepping into the void. The unknown, from which there is often no escape.

How to Understand and Manage Bipolar Disorder: Darkness

Even those who know that the sufferer has bipolar will seldom assist in this state. This is simply because they erroneously assume that the victim is in a state of elation not darkness. Others will take advantage and encourage the person to lead themselves astray. Without a doubt bipolar is cyclic in nature because the fall subsequently hits and the ravine is stepped from without guide nor ladder. This is the nature of the illness; this is the impossible cycle from which there is no escape. The leap is made, the real cruel aspect here is that the sufferer sees it coming. They are not blind, there is no peripetia or anagnorisis because the victim expects this, knows it is imminent, but is unable to prevent or avoid it. This is their hubris.

The sufferer will knowingly march themselves to the edge of the precipice, terrified eyes wide open. In fear, knowing that there is no escape nor exodus and without the support of a hand to guide them away. This is because it is not in the personal interest of those who should lend sustenance to do so or they chose to ignore the indicators out of selfish need or disinterest. The alleged loved ones therefore aid the sufferer in their march and often give a good thrust over the crag and there the victim will hit the rocks. Rock bottom until alone they drag themselves to the peak once again stuck in a malignant cycle with few non-fatal escapes.

This is the nature of my illness, this is the nature of those with bipolar, an eternal cycle of suffering.

As you read this I lay at the bottom of that ravine…….

Thank you for reading ‘How to Understand and Manage Bipolar Disorder: Finale’ I hope these posts have reached someone. I hope that they have helped and proved insightful. Please share this with your carer of family member to help them understand bipolar disorder.