African Union Issues New Warning to Sudan’s Transitional Military Government

Photo credits: AFP

Africa’s sovereign continental union has given the military rulers who took over Sudan’s government in Khartoum last month an urgent, two-month timeline for ceding power to a civilian-ruled establishment.

According to the Al Jazeera Media Network, the African Union’s 55-state governing council issued a recent warning to the ruling Sudanese military government, which ousted Omar Al-Bashir, Sudan’s former and now deposed president. Al-Bashir stepped down from his 30-year rule after a coup led by some of his own Sudanese Army officers forced him out of power on April 11, 2019.

The African Union’s (AU) Peace and Security Council gave the Sudanese Armed Forces these new demands after the transitional military governing council brushed off the AU’s previous mid-April deadline to relinquish government control within a 15-day period. The appointed leader of Sudan’s current transitional government is General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan. Al-Burhan is the former Inspector General of the Sudanese Armed Forces.

The AU’s Peace and Security Council has threatened to suspend Khartoum’s membership as an AU state if Sudan’s interim military-ruled government does not comply. AU representatives have expressed their “deep regret” that Al-Burhan’s interim ruling council failed to heed previous AU demands to surrender authority.

“[However, the AU will now give Al-Burhan’s military rulers] an additional period of up to 60 days,” reads the AU’s new warning, according to Al Jazeera.

“[It is the AU’s] conviction that a military-led transition in the Sudan will be totally unacceptable. [Military rule is] contrary to the will [of] legitimate aspirations [held by those participating in Africa’s] democratic institutions and processes. [Military rule is also contrary to the] respect for [all the] human rights and freedoms [afforded by] the Sudanese people,” the AU’s recent Sudanese reprimand reads.

Also, officials from ruling states in the world’s Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf region have spoken out in favor of the Sudanese people, such as ranking officials representing the Al-Saud government in Saudi Arabia and the Sheikdom-ruled Abu Dabi regime of the United Arab Emirates.

A government spokesperson from these two oil-rich Muslim nations have recently expressed their hopes that the Sudanese Armed Forces and General Al-Burhan will fully renounce military rule without violence or further political instability.

However, the pointed concerns, which came from both these Arab League nations recently sounded hypocritical. Why? Because the authoritarian governments of this Gulf State duo collectively have some grim human rights records of their own.

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