America’s Deadly Attack on ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi is a Case of Self-Amputation

Photo credits: AL-FURQAN MEDIA/AFP

U.S. President Donald Trump sparked widespread suspense Saturday evening (October 26) with a six-word tweet.

“Something very big has just happened!” Trump posted on Twitter just before 6:30 pm. Shortly afterward, CNN reported that a unit of the U.S. Special Forces had just conducted a kill operation targeting Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, 48, leader of the Islamic State terror group (ISIS). Several military helicopters and a number of bomb-laden military planes were used in the operation, which occurred in northwest Syria.

Members of the U.S. intelligence apparatus in the CIA gave assistance by sharing information about the elusive Al-Bagdhadi’s whereabouts. CNN also provided proof that Syrian human rights activists filmed the violent air raid, which was conducted in Syria’s province of Idlib. Al-Baghdadi’s compound came under attack from the air and a machine gun battle ensued between ISIS and the Special Forces.

However, reportedly during the raid, Al-Baghdadi detonated his suicide vest as opposed to being killed by U.S. machine guns or air power. Later, DNA sample testing results finally confirmed Al-Baghdadi’s identity and authenticated his death. On Sunday (October 27), Trump made a public speech about the U.S. military operation in Idlib, Syria, which began around 9 a.m. EST in Washington D.C.

Multiple nations (including Russia and the U.S.) have made numerous reports in the past about killing Al-Baghdadi in massive military offensives. But these previous reports would turn out to be false claims after ISIS would release audio recordings. These recordings would showcase Al-Baghdadi’s voice taunting all his powerful enemies who were hunting him down.

The Iraqi-born, self-proclaimed “Caliph” rose to power in 2010. He was a strong ally of the Iraqi insurgent forces who fought back against the nationwide U.S.-led massacre that began in 2003. America’s brutal occupation of Mesopotamia was designed to bring down the government of Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s late president. History has shown that the second U.S. war against Iraq has been a military and moral disaster.

Millions of Iraqi civilians and thousands of U.S. military servicemen and servicewomen were killed during the long occupation. Jihadist radicals from all over the world flocked to Iraq to fight against the invading army of “infidels” who were dominating Islamic lands. In the 2010s as occupying forces scaled down their troop presence, ISIS had overtaken Al-Qaeda as the biggest terror threat to the Western world.

It was almost as if the U.S. allowed ISIS to gain strength on purpose to become a thorn in the side of Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad, a strong Russian and Iranian ally. Iran and Russia are historic enemies of the U.S. dating back to the Cold War. The chaos that became of Iraq spilled into Syria and caused many problems for Al-Asad’s government. In 2011, a civil war ensued in Syria, which has claimed around a half-million more lives.

However, in many cities along Syria’s border with neighboring Turkey, the ethnic Kurds have been an effective weapon against ISIS. Kurdish militia groups have captured, imprisoned, and killed tens of thousands of ISIS fighters all along Syria’s northern rim. However, Trump just withdrew vast numbers of U.S. troops in northern Syria, which were sent there by his predecessor, former U.S. President Barack Obama.

This withdrawal was basically a green light for neighboring Turkey (a key U.S. ally) to invade northern Syria. Turkish troops can now take out their Kurdish rivals due to their fears that Kurdish militias will fully control Syria’s border with Turkey. The ethnic Kurds come from countries all over the region, including Armenia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. With the current death of Al-Baghdadi, Mesopotamian chaos will live on.

America’s full-blown air assault to get rid of the former leader of ISIS is figuratively a case of a monster performing an amputation on its own body. Historically, the U.S. military always seems to leave behind much more than countless dead civilians and miles of bombed-out wreckage. Also, the benefits of U.S. war games do nothing to better the condition of the taxed U.S. citizens who fund them.

Throughout history in war, the has U.S. consistently left behind political instability, allies turned enemies (such as the Kurds), and enemies turned allies (such as Al-Qaeda, according to Al-Asad). But just like a powerful fictional monster, the U.S. will regrow the ISIS limb it chopped off in the Al-Baghdadi assault.

Thousands of Kurdish-held ISIS prisoners were recently freed as the Kurds just got rampaged by Turkey’s troops all along Syria’s northern rim. It will be much more than a shame on the U.S. as the world witnesses the next phase of what will be another Mesopotamian bloodbath.

A land thought by many to be a cradle of civilization looks to become an overture of the end of civilization.